ASSEMBLAGE_review tomorow




Tomorrow at 2pm in Upper Core we will review your ASSEMBLAGE models.  We will review by studio sections in the areas described in the image below.  Please bring the materials that describe and substantiate your process from the last two weeks.   There is much work to display – some of it large – so please start early so that we are ready to begin reviewing at 2pm.




‘AREAS OF INTEREST’ maps will be reviewed in Upper Core starting tomorrow at 2pm.  Reviews will be held by AREA, not within studios.  Please reference the layout plan below for direction on where to hang your work.  Space will be tight, so please hang as tightly as possible and starting from the bubbled number working in the direction of the arrows.  As always, please begin to hang well before 2pm (we have Upper Core reserved starting at 11am) to ensure that we are ready to begin promptly.  Additionally, please remember to bring a second (duplicate) copy of your map for use during the review.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the observations tomorrow.

S14_1b ANATOMY_review layout

Final(ly) Reviews

The culmination of the semester is upon us.

As we are all aware, our Final Reviews are scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9am in Upper Core.  We will review from 9am to 1:30 in our own sections, and we will be located in the same locations we were for our Armature reviews.  To refresh your memory, please see the below layout.

Please know that this time was assigned to us by the School, and not our first choice.  We know that some of you have classes at this time, and for those of you that have conflicts, I apologize.  Please let your professor know if this is the case, and we will make sure that your review does not pose a conflict with another class.

Additionally,  directly following our reviews at 2pm, several advanced studios will be conducting their final reviews in Upper Core.  Out of respect for them and their work, we need to finish up no later than 1:30pm and very promptly remove all of our belongings and trash from Upper Core so that they may set up for their classes.  It is important that we finish up our proceedings and get out of their way to ensure that they can efficiently complete their reviews.  To accomplish this, we’ll need to start promptly at 9am, and that means we’ll need to have our work upstairs and pinned up by 8:45.  Please start assembling our projects upstairs at 8:15 in order to be ready to roll at 9.   Let’s make sure that only good will is directed our way on Wednesday.

And lastly and most importantly, and out of respect for ourselves and the work we have produced, let’s carry ourselves well on Wednesday.    Many students and professors will pass by our proceedings on Wednesday AM, and we’d like nothing more than for them to take notice of the quality work we have produced.   We are very proud of the distance you have come and the work that we see in the studio.   Let’s take this opportunity to really show it off.   Bring your best work, and bring the work that most completely describes your efforts this semester.  Treat the presentations like yet another design problem, and craft it’s display with intent, care and skill.

We are looking forward to it.

ARMATURE reviews tomorrow

Evening all.  Hope the models are progressing smoothly.  Just a reminder that reviews tomorrow will be in Upper Core starting at 2pm unless noted otherwise by your individual professors.  I know some of us will be starting at around 3pm.   Please plan to meet in the locations identified above.  Some sections may be joining forces and some may be swapping, but we’ll start from these spots – again, unless noted otherwise.

In the future this will go without saying, but Upper Core is a very public place.  We’ll be on display, and as such, let’s carry ourselves and present our work with care and pride. 

It’s been a fun first couple weeks, and we look forward to a collective good showing tomorrow.