ALERT! Shop Certification!!

John Kriegshauser has informed me that almost no 3rd year students have gone to the shop to be re-certified.  Your shop certification expires after several semesters, and you need to stay on top of it.  I mentioned needing to do this on the first day of class in lecture, and if you want to work in the shop this semester or beyond, you need to go do this immediately.

There is a shop cert class today at 1:30, and you should not miss it.  Do it.


shop safety training









From John K:

The safety training that most of your students received as freshmen has expired, and I need for any of your students who plan to use the shop this semester to retake the safety test.  These tests will be given here in the shop at 1:30 on Thursday, Jan. 12, Tuesday, Jan 16, Thursday, Jan.18 and Tuesday, Jan 24.

Probably half of your students can just come take the test and pass it.  Those who have not been active in the shop last year might want to attend the safety instruction sessions to prepare them for the test, the schedule for which is posted by the door to my office in M&M.


homasote safety

Prof. Rick Nelson who oversees the College’s facilities was quite clear in communicating that there was to be no cutting, shaping, sanding, or even storing of homasote in Crown Hall. So cut the model bases in the shop, glue them up in the shop, sand them in the shop and ONLY bring them to Crown Hall when they are finished.

He was very imaginative in describing the wrath that will be visited on anyone who is caught working with homasote anywhere in Crown.

You have been warned – your third year faculty will be unable to come to your rescue if you get busted.

And I would strongly urge you to wear masks when dealing with the stuff as it makes some pretty nasty dust.

shop safety test

A message directly from shop guru and master of all things made by hand – John Kriegshauser:

It’s been 5 semesters since most of your students have passed the shop safety test, so I need them to retake it if they want to work in the shop.  Please prod them in my direction, as I am doing refresher classes (not required) and test sessions now, before the semester spins out of control.  Sign up sheets for these and the time of test sessions are posted by the door to my office in M&M.

I understand that you anticipate reducing your studio’s use of the shop relative to previous years, but your students will not have the option at all unless they re-pass the test.


So, please make sure you take care of this because loss of shop privileges is not an acceptable excuse for  not coming in with exquisite physical models.