McCormick Place competition jury and flash exhibit

The Chicago Architectural Club (student memberships for only $25.00!!!), AIA Chicago, and Landmarks Illinois are co-sponsors for the 2011 Burnham Prize Competition which is being juried right here in Crown hall tomorrow morning. At 1:00 pm we’ll announce the winners and we’ll have all the competition entries up for the whole afternoon.

Why should you care? First is because the competition has drawn submissions from all over the world and features a range of responses. Second, a there are a lot of really cool ideas. And third, the submission format is 11×17. This is a big project being presented in very small format. Might help to see some of the presentation strategies.

Finally, word is that there are some third year students who’ll have work on the walls…


saturday on-site for 19 february

Next week’s on-site will be a trip to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio organized by the iitAIAS. The tour will begin at 3:30 pm at the site in Oak Park. Space is limited so contact the AIAS if you would like to participate.

Contact is

calendar and update

The calendar for the semester is now available here: ARCH 306 S11 calendar. The course syllabus has also been updated to align with the current program planning.

We will be shifting into our regular lecture series schedule tomorrow. This semester we will have our weekly lecture at 1:50 in Perlstein’s auditorium. Tomorrow’s will be devoted to covering the syllabus along with the course and studio policies. I’ll talk a bit about the semester strategy and field questions, comments,or complaints about the year’s program.

Finally, the Saturday on-site will be at Crown Hall starting at 8:30 am. I’ll bring donuts.