ASSIGNMENT 3A: IDEAhaus (program/site/concept)

3A_IDEAhaus (program/site/concept)

Download assignment here: S15 ARCH 306_ASSIGNMENT 3A_IDEAhaus


IDEAhaus is a new Chicago Institution. Owned and operated by the City of Chicago, IDEAhaus is a network of buildings spread out across Chicago intended to establish a framework for community involvement and engagement. Individually, each building is defined by the specific needs of its site and context providing places for the community to MEET, MAKE and PERFORM, fostering public programs and potentials that are as diverse as the network of neighborhoods that make up Chicago.

You are now asked to specify the use program for the IDEAhaus, define a specific site for the building within your AREA OF INTEREST, and to develop and refine the primary motivations for the design of the facility.


– Develop a specific use program for the IDEAhaus

– Complete the necessary research to fully vet the site selection and use program

– Familiarize yourself with Quantum GIS software

– Learn how to create shape files with specific criteria in QGIS

– Select a site for the IDEAhaus within your area of interest and substantiate that location through GIS mapping and analysis.

– Practice quickly exploring concepts through modeling

– Develop and test concepts for the IDEAhaus

– Present a compelling argument for your IDEAhaus at Midterm review.



Develop a specific use program for the IDEAhaus specific to your research and area of interest.  Mine your AREA OF INTEREST for it’s INFRA and develop a use program that improves, exploits, contradicts, etc, that framework.

Though simple, the programs can have a range of implications depending on where in the city they exist. What does meeting, making and performing mean across the city?


Identify potential sites and analyse their suitability. Select a site within your AREA OF INTEREST for the IDEAhaus.  The site should be no larger than 30,000sf.  The site can be any open, vacant or empty lot or any portion of open lot or parking lot. Proof of specific ownership is not essential.  You will be asked to substantiate your chosen site through the use of GIS mapping.

Using the Quantum GIS software, you will be asked to overlay existing and newly created datasets to substantiate a specific site selection.  Site selection will be contingent on the IDEAhaus’ specific use program and the agendas and criterias you have developed for the design of the facility.

NOTE:  You must generate multiple of your own shape files or data sets to map.  Existing GIS data is useful, but will not be adequate to substantiate your site selections.


With use program and site selection established, develop agendas/concepts/motivations for the design of the IDEAhaus and through an iterative process, establish the most appropriate design path/process.

Produce diagrams that explore intent, and produce massing studies that test that intent in place.  You are encouraged to continue to explore possibilities using your site model from the Assemblage investigation.

Develop your design with the necessary documentation to adequately describe the site location, site substantiation, site influences, programmatic influences, programmatic adjacencies and form or massing for the design at your Midterm Review presentation.

IDEAhaus program and site  brief:

– a new Chicago institution.  a network of buildings across the city

– +/-20,000sf

– max 10,000sf footprint

– minimum (FAR) of .75.  maximum FAR of 2(+/-).



  1. What are the potential impacts of your project’s siting and program to your Area of Interest?
  2. What are the influences of the area on your IDEAhaus?
  3. How can the  IDEAhaus interface with your area of Interest?

schedule (key dates):

W         Feb 11              Assignment Launch / Program brief

F          Feb 13              GIS intro lecture / desk crits

M         Feb 16              Program research due

F          Feb 20              GIS lecture / desk crits

M         Feb 23              Concept modeling workshop

F          Feb 27              Cincinnati Field Trip

W         March 11           Mid-term Review


Midterm Review: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015, 2-6pm, Upper Core:

  1.  Programmatic diagrams or research that describe specific uses for the IDEAhaus.
  2.  Minimum one (1) GIS map with a minimum of 3 datasets that have been customized to substantiate choices for IDEAhaus site.
  3. Parti sketch/diagrams supporting your overall concept.
  4. Concept/diagrammatic models in place on an individual site model that describes at a minimum all adjacent buildings and streets.
  5.  Diagrammatic plans and sections that described spatial conditions and sequences.
  6.  Representative drawings that demonstrate spatial experience.

REVIEW: ANATOMY site models

We will have our Anatomy site model reviews tomorrow in Crown Hall Upper Core starting at 2pm.  Please have your models over to Crown Hall prior to that time so that we can begin promptly.

We will be reviewing in five (5) groups by AREAS OF INTEREST.   The layout is simple so no map is necessary.  AREA 1, Hyde Park/Washington Park, will review on the west side of Upper Core.  AREA 2, Bridgeport/McKinley Park, will review in the NW corner of Upper Core.  AREA 3, Pilsen/Chinatown, will review due north.  AREA 4, Humboldt Park/Logan Square, will review to the NE and AREA 5, Uptown, will review to the east.

Reviews will be conducted ‘in the round’, as group discussions, and they will be moderated by professors.  No one will be guaranteed a dedicated presentation time, so come prepared to discuss the strategies you utilized to investigate the sites and the information, observations and questions you’ve gathered.

We are looking forward to seeing all the various explorations.


Final reviews will be Wednesday and we will run all day long.  In the AM, Studios Glynn, Kanter, Parente, Williams and Zarse will review and in the afternoon, Studios Chadha, Park, Tinucci and Turley will review.

Please see review locations below:


We will begin the first session at 9am, and the second session at 2pm.  Please begin pinning up between 8 and 8:30a so that we can start on time.  Morning sessions will be cut off at 1:30pm sharp so that afternoon studios can begin pinning up.

The intent of the all day review is to afford you the opportunity to see the work and reviews of your friends and peers, and your presence for both sessions is expected.  For one half, present the work you have done with enthusiasm and conviction and for the other half, participate in and learn from the work of your classmates.   Please don’t disregard or disrespect this request.

To ensure this opportunity, everyone’s work is due tomorrow evening at 10p, and several of us will be there to see that your work is on your desk and ready to go.   If it is not, you will not be allowed to review with your group.  If you take exception to this, please discuss this with your respective professor.

A few final thoughts/reminders –

Present the project you have, not the one you wished you had or the one you think you have.  This is a classic mistake, and critics prey on it.  Make them work a bit.

And get some sleep.

Good luck.

Hybrid Mid-Project Review TOMORROW

The Hybrid design project Mid-Project reviews are tomorrow in Crown Hall Upper Core and North Core from 2pm – 6pm.   We will review in studio sections and with invited critics.  The below diagram locates each of the studios in Crown.

F14_A305 HYBRID MID PROJECT REVIEW LOCATIONSPlease begin pinning up at 1:30 to ensure we are ready to begin promptly at 2:00pm.  The sooner we begin, the sooner we will wrap up.

Looking forward to seeing all the work tomorrow.


Reviews for our INFRA ORDINARY assignment will be help tomorrow in Crown Hall beginning promptly at 2pm.

Reviews will be conducted in 2 parts, and as such, all work must be pinned up and you must be ready to review prior to 2pm.  In order to avoid running long, please be respect this request and kindly start pinning up soon enough to be ready to go.

Part 1, 2pm: Small group discussion. (30-45min)  The first phase of the review will be conducted as a primer for the more formal review to follow.  In small 3-4 person groups that will be assigned, you will be asked to answer 2-3 questions about each others project and engage in a short discussion about your responses.  The intent of this phase is to further clarify your work for yourself in advance of the formal review.  The questions will be provided to you tomorrow prior to 2pm, and you will be asked to provide written critique and response for each of your fellow small group participants.

Part 2, 3pm: Formal Review (3 hours +) The second phase of the review will be a formal review led by Professors and guest critics.  We will not review with our studios but in assigned groups of +/-15 students.  Reviews will be conducted in a conventional manner with project by project based conversations and critique.

Small group and Formal Review assignments can be found here: F14_ARCH_305_INFRA REVIEW LIST

Pin up and review locations can be found here: F14_A305 INFRA ORDINARY REVIEW LOCATIONS