Today’s Lecture: Record and Represent


Sound and Smell Map (Vladimir Guculak)

Today’s lecture – please feel free to post additional images to share with the studio.

Fall 2014 Hybrid Infraordinary

Static Movements and additional infographics:

Author: Piero Zagami (

Year: 2008

Project Description:
This project presents a visual exploration of human movements focused on martial arts performances. The experiment aims to freeze the movements of martial art performers into a tangible series of layers of perception through the use of visual narrative techniques applied with the use acetate, draft film and tracing papers.

Excerpt from Narrative Graphics of Space and Time and Envisioning Information by Tufte:


Narrative Graphics of Space and Time_Tufte

Excerpt_Envisioning Information_Tufte


Assignment 4c – presentation

In the remaining weeks of the semester you are to develop a comprehensive and compelling presentation of your Ravenswood Boathouse design. It must convey not only the basics and details of your design, but the qualities of the space.

-learn to use three dimensional drawing as yet another design tool, teaching yourself to inhabit the spaces you design in order to finalize their spatial qualities
-learn to efficiently create quality architectural renderings with specific intent
-develop the ability to discern what the key elements of a space or design warrant being presented
-build a clear and beautiful model free of distraction

Using the tools and criteria delivered in the presentation lecture and by your studio professors, finalize the spaces of your building through the presentation process. Using the tools that are readily at your disposal, explore the final details to your spaces through this drawing process. Produce final renderings that complete and communicate the story of your design.


1. Minimum four spatial renderings that describe the spatial quality and experience of your proposal for the Ravenswood Boathouse.
2. One meticulously crafted final building model at 3/32” scale (or as otherwise specified by your studio professor) that includes the necessary site context including, but not limited to, the train tracks, the river and the neighboring residences.

Additionally, for your final review, you are to present a complete building design by using any of the material you have developed over the course of the semester. Consider the key elements of your design and the processes used to develop them when creating your own list of deliverables. Presentations are not limited to any specific number of drawings or models, but will be evaluated on their comprehensiveness.

All drawings to be on 11×17 paper. Tiling of pages is allowed, but the taping together of pages is not preferred.