SITE VISIT: Lincoln Park Boat House

Tomorrow we will be meeting just before 3pm at the Lincoln Park Boat House in Lincoln Park, just east of the Lincoln Park Zoo.  The address for the boat house is 2341 N Cannon Drive, and there is parking along Cannon, either in the Zoo parking lot or north of the zoo and east of the Nature museum on the street.  Plenty of trains and busses can get you there as well.

Only the threat of lightning will keep us away, so please stay tuned to the blog for any last minute announcements and bring an umbrella if there is the threat of rain.

See you tomorrow.




Vitamin D! On Site Saturday

Occasionally you’ll be able to find us around town on the weekends at cool sites and we’ll let you know when we are going.

Tomorrow AM, my two daughters and I are going to be at The Morton Arboretum soaking up some rays and leading a small tour of the main Visitor Center that we designed several years ago.

Its about 30 miles west of town in Lisle, so a drive, but if you are interested, come see me today in the East studio. I’ll give you the directions, etc.





summer 2011 (and spring break to Japan)

Two of the most interesting programs didn’t get presented last week so they’ll have the floor this Wednesday at 1:00 pm in the lower core.

Martin Klaeschen is leading a trip to BRAZIL with a workshop component in Colombia (our only South American program)

And Dan Pohrte will be presenting a crazy American round-trip program – FIGURE 8. I’ve been trying to get a program like this together for years.

And finally – I’ll be presenting the Spring Break trip to Japan.


The charter bus for this saturday’s tour has been booked, based on the people who signed the list at the lecture and the few who emailed shortly thereafter.  At this time your faculty is on the hook for the cost of the bus and therefore we need everyone to bring payment to studio on Wednesday.  If you have signed up for the bus, emailed to ask to be signed up for the bus, or are interested in taking the bus, please bring cash or check, in the amount of $45 per person to studio.  We can, if necessary post a list of names for those from whom we are expecting payment, though we assume it to be unnecessary at this point. This is an important matter and we ask for your timely cooperation.

Some of you have asked if your friends, family, fraternity/sorority members can join and they most certainly can.  At present there are still seats available and we will accept them on a first come (with payment) first served basis until the bus is full.  Please tell your friends, spread the word, encourage your peers to hop on the bus.  With a full bus we can bring the cost of each seat down significantly, and refunds will be given to each person after the final number has been determined.  This could be as much as $15 with a full bus, so grab a buddy and think of it like striving towards buy one get one half off.