Just in case anyone is so delirious from lack of sleep that they have forgotten, Final Reviews are tomorrow in Upper Core and North Core of Crown Hall from 2-6pm.  As always, in order to afford everyone as much time as possible, please begin pinning up as early as possible so that we can start promptly and smoothly.  We will review in the same locations as we did for midterm, and that map is posted for your convenience below.


After your reviews, please return all materials to 3410 and be responsible for cleaning Upper Core. Please help in cleaning up the center tables and removing trash.  Chairs should be placed back on the racks neatly, and all model bases neatly positioned against the walls.  Please pitch in and be responsible for more than just your belongings so that we can leave Upper Core in better condition than we found it.

Two more notes:

First, Friday is a normal studio day.  Come prepared to clean like crazy and then party.  More information will follow, but after we clean the studios on Friday, we will head out to the north side of M&M for our last social and annual Pot-Luck Barbeque.  The grills will be going, the pizza oven will be roaring and with your assistance we’ll have plenty of food and drink for everyone.

Secondly, go to bed.  Like now.



Final reviews will be Wednesday and we will run all day long.  In the AM, Studios Glynn, Kanter, Parente, Williams and Zarse will review and in the afternoon, Studios Chadha, Park, Tinucci and Turley will review.

Please see review locations below:


We will begin the first session at 9am, and the second session at 2pm.  Please begin pinning up between 8 and 8:30a so that we can start on time.  Morning sessions will be cut off at 1:30pm sharp so that afternoon studios can begin pinning up.

The intent of the all day review is to afford you the opportunity to see the work and reviews of your friends and peers, and your presence for both sessions is expected.  For one half, present the work you have done with enthusiasm and conviction and for the other half, participate in and learn from the work of your classmates.   Please don’t disregard or disrespect this request.

To ensure this opportunity, everyone’s work is due tomorrow evening at 10p, and several of us will be there to see that your work is on your desk and ready to go.   If it is not, you will not be allowed to review with your group.  If you take exception to this, please discuss this with your respective professor.

A few final thoughts/reminders –

Present the project you have, not the one you wished you had or the one you think you have.  This is a classic mistake, and critics prey on it.  Make them work a bit.

And get some sleep.

Good luck.

Bene Lave Final Reviews

Traditional-Turkish-Bath-Steam-Bath-Room-760144Final(ly) Reviews…..

A few notes about the big day tomorrow:

Reviews will take place in Upper Center Core, from 2-6pm (unless noted otherwise by your section professor), within your own sections and in the areas that we have reviewed in previously.  See diagram below for reference.




As you know, what and how you present is at your discretion.  The drawings we’ve seen on the walls and in the pre-final reviews have been varied and diverse, and we all look forward to seeing the final culmination of a semester’s worth of thought and work on the walls tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not the time to be timid or nervous.  Tomorrow is the time to celebrate the achievement of the year.  Don’t pin up less, pin up more. Show off what you’ve achieved and impress us with your considerations, talents and efforts.

Speaking of, please consider that the majority of the reviewers are taking the afternoon off from their professional responsibilities to participate in your education, and one of the primary ways we thank them for their time is by being professional ourselves.  Get at least some rest so that you are conscious, eat,  bathe, etc, and most importantly, show them killer work.

Next, Friday is a required day in studio.  We will meet to clean the studios at our regular time, and all your material and work must be out of the studios by the weekend.  In the west studio, we will collect models for exhibition at the end of year show on the two eastern most tables, so students in those sections will need to have their work and material off their desks to make room for model and material storage.  Unbound final portfolios can be turned in on Friday, but can also be turned in Monday next week in boxes outside of the 3rd year office in the east studio.  The portfolios should include all of your work from the semester packaged into an 11×17 unbound printed document.  The portfolio should be an organizational effort that benefits you, not a design exercise.

And lastly, once we are done cleaning on Friday, we will have a final celebration – and end of year BBQ – and for the first time – brick oven pizza party outside M&M.  Please do make some time to stay a little after on Friday so that we can toast our shared efforts and success one last time before the end of the school year.  We’ll make another post, but the concept for the BBQ is pot luck style.  We’ll bring a bunch of stuff to kick the party off, but we’ll also look to you to bring some of your favorite items to grill, cook, munch on and toast/drink.

Again, looking very forward to tomorrow.  Have a good evening.

Final(ly) Reviews

The culmination of the semester is upon us.

As we are all aware, our Final Reviews are scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9am in Upper Core.  We will review from 9am to 1:30 in our own sections, and we will be located in the same locations we were for our Armature reviews.  To refresh your memory, please see the below layout.

Please know that this time was assigned to us by the School, and not our first choice.  We know that some of you have classes at this time, and for those of you that have conflicts, I apologize.  Please let your professor know if this is the case, and we will make sure that your review does not pose a conflict with another class.

Additionally,  directly following our reviews at 2pm, several advanced studios will be conducting their final reviews in Upper Core.  Out of respect for them and their work, we need to finish up no later than 1:30pm and very promptly remove all of our belongings and trash from Upper Core so that they may set up for their classes.  It is important that we finish up our proceedings and get out of their way to ensure that they can efficiently complete their reviews.  To accomplish this, we’ll need to start promptly at 9am, and that means we’ll need to have our work upstairs and pinned up by 8:45.  Please start assembling our projects upstairs at 8:15 in order to be ready to roll at 9.   Let’s make sure that only good will is directed our way on Wednesday.

And lastly and most importantly, and out of respect for ourselves and the work we have produced, let’s carry ourselves well on Wednesday.    Many students and professors will pass by our proceedings on Wednesday AM, and we’d like nothing more than for them to take notice of the quality work we have produced.   We are very proud of the distance you have come and the work that we see in the studio.   Let’s take this opportunity to really show it off.   Bring your best work, and bring the work that most completely describes your efforts this semester.  Treat the presentations like yet another design problem, and craft it’s display with intent, care and skill.

We are looking forward to it.

Kearns Studio: Final Assignment


4 Sentences

For your final review, you will be limited to using 4 sentences to describe your project.  These 4 sentences may pertain to whatever conditions of your project development you feel most appropriate.  In general you should consider the following:

How should the jury think conceptually about the building.
How is the response to site and program made evident in the project.
What is important to know about the structure of the project.
What is significant about the materiality of your project.

Please take the time to explicitly write your four sentences, crafting clear concise statements, avoiding overly run on sentences.  Print your sentences and read them if it helps.  You will be cut off after 4 sentences or too much blabber.  If you don’t like it we can make it 1 sentence … or none.

It may be helpful to return to the exercises from the beginning of the semester.  ReState your assumptions.  What is your Agenda? or What are your objectives. What is the concept.  What are the strategies. What are the tactics.  What are your politics.  Try this exercise first and then use it to help you write your 4 sentences.

In order to finish our reviews by 4:30, to allow time for the public exhibition of work, we will begin reviewing promptly at 1:00.  This means that all students must have all materials printed and all models available in the pin up space by 12:30.  Printing after 12:30 is the same as being absent from your review, attendance will be taken at 1:00.