later today….

Morning all –

A very sincere thank you to all of you for an incredible semester and year.  The work you presented Wednesday and the thought and effort that it demonstrates was incredible and was received very well.  Hopefully we all found a little fun this year.

Later today –

2:00p, in studio – Studio wide clean-up.  We need to clean the entire second floor of 3410, as well as the halls and anywhere else we have explode to, and rid it of all the trash, paper, excess, junk, garbage.  This is a mandatory class period, and there are no excuses.  Trash bags will be provided, and you will need to make many trips to the dumpster out behind 3410 in the loading area.  Pack the dumpster tightly and wisely, or else there will not be room. The only thing that can be left in your studios, in the halls and elsewhere after tomorrow’s meeting is your materials and models that must be removed over the weekend. Anything left in studio after Sunday will be discarded.   This will be a collective effort, and we will all be responsible for everyone’s mess.


4:30pm +/- or whenever the studios are clean – STUDIO WIDE BBQ.  As soon as 3410 is completely clean, we will move out to the north east side of M&M and have a studio wide BBQ.  Our annual gathering is a pot-luck, and we ask that you guys chip in a bring food/drink/sides/sweets to contribute to the party.  We will bring a few things to kick it off, and always look forward to enjoying a more relaxed time together to celebrate all the effort and hard work.  We will be resurrecting the brick oven as well, and pizzas will be flowing once it’s hot.


All are invited, so feel free to pass the word and bring friends, family.  Looking forward to it.


Studio tomorrow

MEET_Let’s meet in studio tomorrow at 2pm as usual.

CLEAN_Our biggest priority tomorrow is to clean the studios.  All garbage must be tossed or bagged.   Anything that you would like to save must be neatly stacked on your desks.  Materials, tools, etc.  Studios do not need to be evacuated over the break, but they need to be left in such a way that  we can get immediately back to work in January.  Do not leave more in studio than you can carry to your new spot next semester in a matter of minutes.   Models should be removed from studio prior to the holiday to avoid being damaged or taken.   If your professor has asked for your model to save for the end of year open house, the model storage room will be open tomorrow to move models to.  Again, this is our primary agenda for studio tomorrow. If we don’t get the work done tomorrow, we can continue the effort on Monday.

CHIT CHAT_Once the studios are clean, we are going to have a studio wide Pecha Kucha in Studios Glynn/Klaeschen.  Several of us are going to briefly present our thoughts regarding next semester, and we will welcome any dialogue that follows.

SOCIAL_And lastly, let’s send off the semester with our last social of 2013.  We’ll party upstairs in 3410.   Bring a few bucks to donate to the cause if you would.  Looking forward to an enjoyable last day in studio.

Final warning.

All, I’m just off phone with Rick Nelson who spent the day cleaning an incredible mess out of the West studio. It has been made clear to you multiple times over the year that your mess is your mess, and it’s surprising how many of you still rely on others to clean it up.

You have today to remove ALL your goods from the west studio.

Models designated for end of year show consideration should be placed on Kearns studio tables moving west as the table get filled.

Final clean up!!

Just one final request to move all trash to the dumpsters and all supplies out of the studios by noon today.

The East studio will be completely cleared out and the west used for final year end show prep and staging.

Any final open house models should be placed in the west studio on Kearns studio desk moving west if we run out of room.

Your full participation in this effort is appreciated. It’s also your responsibility.

Many thanks.

Portfolios and Clean Up!

See you all tomorrow in studio.  As we’ve told you, portfolios are due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  I’ll defer to your individual professors regarding the composition of the packages, but in general, this exercise is not intended to be an effort in bookmaking as much as an attempt to ask you to organize your own work for your own future use.  Please simply collect your work from this semester in the form of printed 11x17s and turn it in to us so that we can reference it while grading.  Additionally, please do not bind the packages with anything more than a simple binder clip so that we can disassemble them if/as necessary.    After a bit of clean up, the professors will be gathering to review your portfolios and collectively grade your work for the semester.  Your portfolio must be turned in by that time.

Also, the goal tomorrow is to straighten the studio and get rid of the trash.  It doesn’t all have to be done tomorrow, but it could be (hint, hint).   What does have to be done, before next week, is the following:

– all trash out of the studios

– all material, trash or otherwise, off the floor

– all of your equipment and good material either out of the studio, or on top of your desks in a clean and organized manner that is easily transported to your new location come January 9th.  This part is critical.  We don’t want to spend the first day cleaning come January.