Calendar: UPDATE

All, the Calendar for F14 A305 has been updated and modified slightly.  Please note the updated page and following refinements:

1. The presentation lecture has been moved up a week to next Friday, 14th. It will be a group presentation.

2. Final reviews remain slated for Wednesday, December 3rd (3.5 weeks away).  Instead of reviewing in the afternoon only, we will be reviewing all day long.  Half the studios will review in the AM and half the studios will review in the PM.  This will allow us to make an ‘event’ out of the day, and allow you to see more of your fellow students work.  It will be required for you to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.  As such, all work will be due the day before the final reviews.  This will promote fairness for all, and more importantly, a good night’s sleep.  Final reviews are intended to be a celebration of your efforts and a compelling conversation for all – both of which are better experienced while not exhausted.


Calendar Updates

A few calendar updates of note:

The lecture tomorrow has been pushed back to a 4:30 start time in Seigal Hall to accommodate site visits for some studios prior.

AND, the field trip that had initially been planned for March 1 has been postponed until April 5th – more details on that to follow.

AND, the lecture next week has been cancelled.

The calendar online will be updated shortly.