Review: Exercise 1 – ARMATURE

We will review our first project of the year tomorrow, Wednesday, September 5th starting promptly at 2 pm in Center Core.   Please see below map for general layout of pin ups.  In Upper Core, including the outsides of the walls but not including North Core, there are approximately 75 panels.  Unless your presentation requires more space than a single panel, please attempt to use one panel per project and have ALL projects pinned up prior to the review time.  This will require a little bit of collaboration and coordination, and we are sure you are capable of communicating and managing your time accordingly to be ready to go.    We are looking forward to seeing the work!



Exercise 1: Armature / Bodies and Boats

Bodies and Boats (at rest and in motion)

An investigation exploring the scale, movement, function and materiality of small recreational boats (i.e. rowing sculls/shells, kayaks, and canoes) and the physical processes of moving from storage to the water and back.

Design an armature for the storage of multiple rowing skulls  and their necessary appurtenances.  Your design must be specific about scale, use and materiality, and it must address its own structural needs.  Your design must address its relationship to the water and the physical processes of moving from system to water.

-Investigate, via “time-lapse” orthographic drawings, the scale and process of moving boats from their storage positions to/from water.
-Design a storage system for multiple boats (6-10)
-Investigate and communicate the design of the storage system via scaled drawings and models
-Build a scale model (and/or 1:1 mockup)  and document the significant material connections of the system.

Mapping drawings documenting the movement of  bodies to and from the water.
A scale model of the Armature.
Technical scaled drawings documenting the armature.
A written summary of your design agenda and solution (100 words maximum).

additional resources:


A high intensity small scale investigation introducing you to the 1:1 material qualities and properties of steel.   

-develop skills of concepting
-explore steel connections
-explore material expression with steel
– gain insight into steel fabrication methods and craft in order to control outcomes for object
-develop conceptual thinking with structure + material
-interrogate the boat and the act of rowing

Design a steel armature for displaying a single two person sculling (row) boat.  Assume that the boat will be displayed in an enclosed, empty four walled and roofed space, and the space will have no relevance to the design of the Armature.  The boat can be displayed by any means in any orientation or in any position in the room.  

A single model of the armature, either at 1:1 or any other scale no smaller than 1 ½” = 1’-0”. Due Wednesday, September 7th, 2pm.

additional resources:
1. Sverre Fehn, Hamar Bispegaard Museum, 1973, Hamar, Norway
2. Carlo Scarpa, Castelvecchio Museum, 1973, Verona, Italy
3.  Alinea serving ware,