See you in Galena….

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Chestnut Mountain Ski Trip

Last chance.  Anyone who would still like a lift ticket or lift and rental ticket should please contact Andy at 773-206-7653 any time between now and tomorrow afternoon at 1pm to confirm.

Chestnut Mountain Ski Lodge Phase 1

Congratulations!!  You have been selected to COMPLETELY redesign the amenity buildings at Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort starting immediately.  Work will be completed in two phases.  The first involves the reconstruction of the Ski Lodge itself, housing all the ticket sales, ski rentals, ski patrol, first aid and ski related dining facilities.  This is the building program you have developed and have been provided, and the project you will design over the next 11 weeks.   In your design, you will contemplate the location of the second building/phase which will include the reconstruction of the hotel building that will include all lodging and accommodations as well as an associated dining facility.  The footprint of this building will be roughly the same as the current hotel building, and you can use that footprint in your site planning studies/analysis.

The Google Drive folder that you have been accessing has had an annotated site plan added to it.