EMBODIMENT Model Competition TODAY

Good morning! Today is the big day.   We can’t wait to see the models in Crown Hall.

The model competition process is as follows:

Please begin setting up as early as possible by bringing your models to Crown Hall.  You will be asked to set up your models adjacent to an assigned number per the document found here –  S18 ARCH 306 MODEL COMPETITION ASSIGNMENTS.  Post-it notes will be in place by 1:15pm in Upper Center Core in what we hope is a clear order, but don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if not.

If by mistake your name does not appear on this roster, please either contact me by email (atinucci@iit.edu) or see me or Professor Glynn this afternoon for a spot.

Instructions and rules for setting up are simple.  Please place your model directly below or adjacent to the corresponding numbered post it note, leaving the post it note in place.  Please do not place any names on your model, and please take care to leave the post it notes in place or in some clear manner as to which number your model corresponds to/with.   Model bases will be in short supply, so please be smart/kind and please know that they are not essential.  If bases are not available please simply place your models on the ground.

At 2:25 set-up must be complete, and we ask that you please convene in Upper Center Core.  The competition will be juried by several guest jurors beginning with introductions at that time.  The jurors will be selecting a shortlist of projects for final review (pink dot), and you will be asked to participate by nominating winners for both Best Model (green dot) and Best Design/Best Project (yellow dot).  Please note, if you are a current 4th or 5th year student reading this post and would like to participate, please find a Professor for a colored dot so that you can make your votes.

At 3:30, all projects in North Center Core should be taken down from their locations, and those projects with pink dots should be moved to North Center Core for final judging.  Please remember to also bring your post it number designation with you so we have record of which projects belong to who.   At 4:00pm, our guest jurors, with your participation if you would like, with convene for final reviewing, commentary and awarding of winners.

Space is tight and models are large, so please work together to get everything on display.

After the winners have been announced, it is your responsibility to carefully remove your models from their displayed locations and return Upper Crown Hall to the condition we found it. Model bases should be returned to their homes, and all models should be brought back to 3410.

And by Monday, 3410 must be completely cleaned, hallways, desks, etc, so that you are ready to make your final push towards final reviews.

Good luck  and can’t wait to see the work!


Wednesday Evening – Additional Laser Lab Hours

Wednesday night ( not Tuesday ) – additional laser lab hours, 3rd Year Studio ONLY:

32 additional half-hours of laser time have been made available for the third year studio beginning Wednesday evening at 9PM and concluding at 1PM.  Eight half-hours on each of the four machines.

Please contact Bill Loster in Prof. Tinucci’s section to reserve your spot.  30 minutes per student only please!



2c Embodiment (spatial models)



If plans and sections support the development of a design logic and regulating system for your Ski Chalet in two dimensions, then models allow you to further understand and develop the experiential effect of these systems in three dimensions.

Building a large scale section and spatial model of your project, expand your exploration of  how  various systems can work, in concert, to shape experience (i.e.  spatial sequences, apertures, structures, envelopes, circulation, material qualities, natural and artificial illumination).  You might explore a singular and unified composition, or the  building could have various experiential “states” in response to shifting conditions, like: changes in activity, environment, season, metropolitan context, daylight.

The review for the large scale spatial models will be in the form of a DESIGN COMPETITION, to be held in Crown Hall, and judged by a panel of guest jurors and by yourselves. Further details regarding the design competition to follow.


– understand the ways that space activates and engages your senses;

– improve your skills of narratively describing space and experience and criteria;

– develop modeling skills and craft;

– explore the strengths of designing 3-dimensionally in section;

– continue working iteratively between physical and digital in your process;

– experience a competitive project working environment;

– accelerate your project development.


Using the plans and sections developed over the past weeks, choose a portion of your Ski Chalet to demonstrate the spatial experiences of the building.  Models MUST be at ⅜”=1’-0” scale, and should be roughly (plus or minus)  18”x 24-30” in scale, representing a rough footprint of 2500-3000sf.   The model should be both sectional and spatial, and should capture both interior space, exterior enclosure and the site.


– Does the experience of your building contribute to its agency/agenda?

– Does your model capture/exhibit the primary design logic or concept for your project?

– Does your design and modeling language (the way you build your model) embody your concepts and criteria for the design of your building?

Deliverables: Design Competition/Wednesday/11 Apr 2014

1. Craft a high-quality physical sectional and spatial model.  Models are to have an approximate overall volume of 6 cu.ft.  (for example,  36″ x 18″ x 16″)   In addition, you must compose:

2. A 100-word statement of intent, describing the intent of the model in relation to the project.

This extremely limited means of presentation suggest that you should exhibit your very highest levels of craft and care.


300 dollars in sweet, sweet prizes will be distributed to the first, second and third place winners.