Chestnut Mountain Ski Trip

Last chance.  Anyone who would still like a lift ticket or lift and rental ticket should please contact Andy at 773-206-7653 any time between now and tomorrow afternoon at 1pm to confirm.



All, Just a reminder that shop safety certifications are only good for 5 semesters, and for many of you that means they have expired and you need to renew them.   And for any newcomers or those returning after a hiatus, you’ll also need to get certified.  NOTE: Shop safety certification is required for ALL of you wishing to use the shop this semester.
The shop staff will be conducting orientation classes on this Wednesday and the B session on Thursday.  Attendance at these will be valuable for many students, but that is not required.  What is required will be passing the test.  Below is the orientation and testing schedule.
Wed.   10      12:00-1:45     Session A
Thurs.  11      12:00-1:30     Session B         Test at 1:30
Tues.   16      12:00-1:45     Session A
Wed.    17      12:00-1:30     Session B         Test at 1:30
Thurs.  18      12:00-1:45     Session A
Mon.    22      12:00-1:30     Session B         Test at 1:30
Tues.   23      12:00-1:45     Session A
Wed.    24      12:00-1:30     Session B         Test at 1:30


All, In an effort to support your health, well being and the quality of our conversations tomorrow, it is required that you upload the files that you will be printing for review tonight.

Please upload your files to this location by 6:00p tonight.

If your files are not uploaded by the time your professor goes to bed tonight you may be disqualified from making a final presentation tomorrow.

Get some rest, shower and eat.  After having done all of that, help your classmates and have fun.