Concrete material will be delivered tomorrow to M&M.   Between 10a-2pm, all of the material with the exception of the Countertop Mix (blue bags) will be delivered.  At 4pm, the countertop mix will arrive.  Please watch the blog for updates, and please come to claim your material when it arrives. Loose bags of concrete will be a hot commodity this weekend.


Cleanup and BBQ tomorrow

Good evening all,

Just a reminder that we will be in studio tomorrow at our normal time to clean the heck out of the place.   We need to haul ALL trash out to the dumpsters and get yourselves out of there.  You need to be full out of 3410 by the end of the weekend, and if not ALL of your stuff will be discarded by the cleaning crews.

On the flip side, we’ve only got a couple hours of cleaning in us, and after we have maxed out, we’ll head over north of M&M for our annual Spring BBQ and Pizza Party.  It’s always good fun to get to socialize and enjoy each other’s company, so let’s plan on that towards the end of the day.

We will bring enough to get the party started, but we annually rely on you to bring some additional food to grill, deserts and snacks to munch on, and drinks to sip.  Consider it a pot luck.  All are welcome and the more the merrier.

See you there.