Tuesday night – additional laser shop hours.

3rd Year Studio:

12 additional hours of laser time have been made available for the third year studio beginning Tuesday evening at 9PM and concluding at midnight.  Three hours on each of the four machines.

Please contact Bill Loster in Prof. Glynn’s section to reserve your spot.  wloster@hawk.iit.edu


06 / Workshop / Envelope

Students to arrive with the following:

  1. Sketch book
  2. Pad or roll of large, tracing paper
  3. Measuring tape or other measuring devices
  4. Drafting implements and tools
  5. Smartphone or camera

Material Notations

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 10.09.19 PM.png

Workshop Schedule – 120 minutes total

In groups of two, select one of the following campus buildings:

  1. Rettaliata Engineering Center.
  2. Wishnick Hall.
  3. Siegel Hall.
  4. Carr Memorial Chapel.
  5. Minerals and Metals Research Building.

What specifically is a building envelope?  For this workshop you must think beyond your traditional understandings, and investigate your selection as a cohesive series of assemblies, some quite obvious, some not.  For instance, a “roof assembly” is considered a part of the building envelope.  In order to be successful during this workshop you will be required to make some assumptions.

Record the envelope of your campus building incorporating elevation (interior & exterior), plan, section, and/or axonometric diagrams.  Exhaustively catalogue the elements and materials that make up each of the envelopes assemblies.  Record the actors and actions of those who experience the envelope.

Review your findings with your sections professor.


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Documenting Anatomy (Assignment 02)

During the beginning of Wednesday studio we will be utilizing room 216 to photograph some of the models presented during our last Crown Hall review.  Please see your studio professor prior to bringing your model over to room 216.

Spring 2015 - Assignment 02 Review.
Spring 2015 – Assignment 02 Review.