All, Locations for our midterm reviews tomorrow are as follows:

Studio Glynn – 3410, 2nd Floor

Studio Kwong – Crown Hall Center Core – East Wall

Studio Siemionow – Crown Hall Center Core – West Wall

Studio Schachman – Crown Hall Center Core – NW Corner

Studio Tinucci — Crown Hall Center Core – NE Corner

Start pinning up early, please, for a prompt 2pm start (unless directed otherwise by your professor).  And please return Center Core to as you found it after the reviews.



Chestnut Mountain Resort Lift Tickets

All, I’ll be picking up lift tickets at 9a at the ticket office.  Find me there at that time to pick yours up.  If you aren’t there by then, then I’ll be back in the vicinity of the ticket office before 10a to distribute again.  If you miss the 10am window, let’s shoot for 11am.  If you arrive any time after that, please text me at 773-206-7653 and we’ll find a way to connect.