SOFA exhibit RE-installation in Crown Hall

Next Wednesday at 10a, we will be installing the SOFA exhibit in Center Core where it will stay through the holiday break. We need as many hands as possible to assist, and obviously more hands means less time.

If you are able to assist, please connect with Adam at your earliest convenience so that we can get a good head count.

Everyone will be meeting at 10a in the lobby of 3410 next Wednesday to start. See you there.



All, Today is a regularly scheduled class, and we need all of you to be present for some final words from your professors AND a big clean up effort.

As you have seen notes and emails from the College, it is our responsibility to clean our spaces for the Winter Break.   Today we need for ALL the trash to be removed from studio.  Trash should be placed in clear plastic bags and/or thrown into the dumpsters behind 3410.   Floors must be completely clear of ALL materials by end of day today, and any material to be saved should be on your desk, stacked neatly.

Your models can be removed from studio over the next few days, but no models should be remain in studio or 3410 at the start of next semester when you will be asked to move your materials to your new studio in only a few trips.

Your professors will ask you individually to save models for Spring Show / Open House consideration, and they will provide further instructions if so.

It was a fun semester with a lot of successes. We look forward to building on that next year!


All, We have finally arrived.  Final reviews are tomorrow from 2-6pm in Center Core and North Core.  Several of you have been asked to pin up prior to this time so that you can begin promptly, and we would advise all of you to head this advice.   Don’t delay.  ALL of you must be ready to go at 2:00pm and present in Crown for the start of reviews.

Studio locations are as follows:

North Core: DeSalvo

Center Core NW: Mills

Center Core NE: Schachman

Center Core W: Pritchett

Center Core E: Kwong

Lower Core (Thursday AM): Tinucci

After reviews, we ask that you return Center Core to the condition it was prior to our arrival.  Trash should be collected.  Chairs should be placed back on the racks in an organized and orderly fashion, and model stands organized against walls, etc.

We have a normal studio day on Friday for final conversations with professors and a final clean up of the studio.  More instructions to follow.

Enjoy and good luck.