A Parti,from the French Prendre Parti meaning “to make a decision”, is often referred to as the big idea, and is the chief organizing thought or decision behind an architect’s design presented in the form of a basic diagram, model  and / or a simple statement.


With midterms behind us, let’s take a week to reflect and come to terms with the primary organizing systems of our proposal.  Take this week to update your proposal based on the feedback you received during midterm to craft a clear and well organized strategy that you can move forward with as we complete the design.


  • Finalize the organizing principles of your project.
  • Develop a clear organizational logic, diagram or set of drawings that reflect and substantiate your proposal.
  • Build a Parti that satisfies an agenda and organizes space or systems.


Revisit the critique you received during midterms, your current design agendas and your current design proposal and refine your proposal by clarifying the organizational logic.  

Ask yourself:

  1. What is the primary driver of your proposal?
  2. Which architectural systems are primary to your architectural proposal.  Which are secondary?
  3. What simple organizational logic or strategy can be overlaid with the proposal to clarify the plans/sections/diagrams?


  1. A refined set of midterm deliverables including an updated site plan, floor plans and building sections.
  2. A set of drawings, diagrams or models that clarify your organizational strategy or strategies.

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