Urban Activators being offered Fall semester

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Urban Activators IPRO Poster.indd

Building on the success of past Urban Activator IPROs, students will work with local community organizations and stakeholders to develop, design and build a system that engages the local community in the act of recording and celebrating their stories and shared history.Students will create/develop a portable prototype for documenting

Students will create/develop a portable prototype for documenting and sharing stories — visual, oral, or otherwise — from the neighborhoods. This model will be priced and designed as a replicable system. Students will work with the technical, marketing and physical aspects of the project.

Through continued community feedback and interaction, students will refine their concepts and present back to the community. Before the end of the semester, students will have developed a full-scale prototype and have tested its usability at a community event.

StoryCorps work would serve as a model for the project.

Students will have the opportunity to explore these challenges and ultimately create a toolkit and short term activation that can address the larger issues of economic development.

FALL 2017

IPRO Time:  Tues. 1:50 pm

For more information contact: Monica Chadha: mchadha1@iit.edu


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