Field Work: Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571


We’ll all meet at the boathouse tomorrow no later than 2:30p unless your instructor has informed you otherwise.  See you there!

Just in case you need some help finding it, the address is: Park 571, 2754 S Eleanor, Chicago IL 60608.


Exercise 1: Armature / Bodies and Boats

Bodies and Boats (at rest and in motion)

An investigation exploring the scale, movement, function and materiality of small recreational boats (i.e. rowing sculls/shells, kayaks, and canoes) and the physical processes of moving from storage to the water and back.

Design an armature for the storage of multiple rowing skulls  and their necessary appurtenances.  Your design must be specific about scale, use and materiality, and it must address its own structural needs.  Your design must address its relationship to the water and the physical processes of moving from system to water.

-Investigate, via “time-lapse” orthographic drawings, the scale and process of moving boats from their storage positions to/from water.
-Design a storage system for multiple boats (6-10)
-Investigate and communicate the design of the storage system via scaled drawings and models
-Build a scale model (and/or 1:1 mockup)  and document the significant material connections of the system.

Mapping drawings documenting the movement of  bodies to and from the water.
A scale model of the Armature.
Technical scaled drawings documenting the armature.
A written summary of your design agenda and solution (100 words maximum).

additional resources:

Fall 2017 ARCH 305 – It’s about that time…

Hello all!   Welcome back.  Whether you are new or old to this blog, it’s about that time again, and wherever this blog post may find you, we hope that you are well.  We are sure you share our sentiment that summer was just too darn long, and finally its time to get back to studio.  So let’s get on with it.

With that said, just a couple announcements for all of you.

First, if you are reading this (and you should be) and aren’t signed up to receive notifications of all the posts, please do so now.  It’s a simple step and and essential one.

Second, our first class meeting is tomorrow afternoon, Monday, August 21st, in Siegel Hall Auditorium (rm 118) at 1:50p!   We’ll start with a welcome back and then get rolling.

Third, there are still lots of models of yours left in the second year studio from Open House in May.  Before 1p tomorrow, if you haven’t already done so, please make a pass through your old studio.  It will be nostalgic if nothing else.  If any of the models there are yours, please remove them.  Please don’t make others clean up after you.

That’s all for now.  See you tomorrow.  We’ll be around Crown for the eclipse, so please don’t be strangers.  Come an introduce yourselves if you see us.