Open House / Install by 3pm Tuesday 

All drawings must be plotted and pinned up by 3pm, tomorrow, Tuesday 9 May.   Your project may be removed from the exhibition if incomplete by this deadline.

  1. Each student has been assigned a location via a letter-sized placeholder.  Simply replace the placeholders with your final (full sized 30×60 vertical orientation) prints.
  2. Curate all relevant models on the platform beneath your presentation area.
  3. Also, we are looking for good versions of the full range of Montessori materials for the center, curricular process area.

Thank you!!!


Open House Curatorial Effort

This year there are two parallel narratives in our Open House exhibition.  Complete PROJECTS will be exhibited around the perimeter.  A narrative of each semester’s PROCESS will be exhibited  in the center.  Therefore:

1.  For those envited to exhibit PROJECTS for open House, please print an image of your panel layout on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper indicating how many 60″ tall panels you are ultimately delivering and your name.  That way, we can coordinate: curate the order, note your location, and reserve accurate space on the wall.  Then you can replace the placeholder with the Final printed panels before Monday.  If you will be out of town, please coordinate with a colleague.
There is a table in the middle aisle for collecting these placeholder prints.  Please drop them off by the end of the day today.

2.  For those not exhibiting complete projects, we are still exhibiting individual examples of various PROCESS investigations.  For Fall this includes:

  • Montessori “Materials”
  • Circulation assemblages
  • Landscape assemblages
  • Structures assemblages
  • Envelope Assemblzges
  • Section Midels   

For Spring, this includes:

  • Urban Framework schemes
  • hybrid system models
  • section models.

Please arrange these process items neatly on your desk unless you’ve already been asked to move them to Crown.

Open House Drawing Process / Format

For those invited to submit work for Open House, a few notes:

  1. All drawings should be arranged on panels that are 30″x60″ portrait format (60″ vertical dimension).   Students may have as many portrait panels as you need.  (If you followed the suggested layout during the course of the year, the modules can be easily rearranged.)
  2. Please submit PDFs of your drawings for review.  We want to guage the available wall space and total length of presentations before we ask you to print.   Upload to the folder on the Drive:
  3. Once submitted, you will be cleared to print and assigned a presentation location.