Section Model Competition / Evaluation

This semester, we will refer to structured criteria to evaluate the quality of Section Models.

Section Model Evaluation

  1. Composition: Does the spatial organization and experiential quality fulfill the project agenda? Is it strategic?  Is it artful?
  2. Building Language: Does the composition of material assemblies and building systems reflect an understanding of the elements within and between each system?  Is the composition sensitive?  Does it fulfill the project agenda?
  3. Scale: Is there a calibrated relationship between the human body and the architectural ‘body’?  Does it relate to the project agenda?
  4. Operative Craft: Is the workmanship of the model sensitive to materiality, the performance of materials, and different kinds of connections? Is it elegant?
  5. Process Context: Do parallel process documents (link to the deliverables) complement the model in a meaningful way?  Do they reflect a parallel exploration of building language? Are they artful?

NOTE: These models are not isolated investigations, they are one of many objects, across a range of complementary scales, each examining an aspect.  The size of the building is relatively small, so you can find a scale that satisfies the intent of this investigation.  Students should interpret suggestions about the mode’s scale (½”=1’-0”) as an indication of the content that the model is intended to investigate.  If the model is too small, students will sabotage their ability to investigate the nuances of assembly.  If the scale of the model is too big, spatial composition and quality will disappear.


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