Poly-centric Urban Space / Patrick Ambercrombie / County of London Plan 1943 / Greater London Plan 1945 /

“Patrick Abercrombie’s plan describes a London, which consists of neighborhoods that are simply organized; yet tied together in a complex way. According to him, London is a ‘city of villages’. When grouped, neighborhoods form communities, and in turn, communities taken together form the ‘machine London’. The exact definition and size of the individual neighborhoods plays a central role in Abercrombie’s analysis raster.”  1


One of the most interesting aspects of the plan is the technique of abstraction, which exposes a quality (not merely a quantities) of London’s organization.  The graphics describe an assemblage (more like a felt than a woven textile) of disparate and unique neighborhood centers (once villages).  These  unique districts are affiliated in a complex of layers: mobility infrastructure, “open” spaces, commercial and social networks, etc…..


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