Documentation of Work for Grading / Protocol

1. Documentation to Google Drive for Grading

For grading, please submit documentation of your work to the appropriate faculty folder in the Student Work directory of the Google Drive.  Documentation should include process work (learning apparatus, stair, landscape, structure, envelope, program), design process work, and final proposal.

This is not a portfolio design assignment, just straightforward documentation of work already completed via crisp and clear images of models and of drawings.

Files should be a single Acrobat document no larger than 20Mb and named accordingly:


Each faculty member may establish earlier deadlines for submittals, however work may not be submitted beyond the last day of the semester – Saturday 10 Dec.

2. Documentation Uploaded to Protocol

To submit work, students should navigate to the ARCH 305 course page and click on “Submit Student Work”. In the submit window, they are prompted to “Select a Layout for Export”. These formatted layouts compile text and images and allow students to select a composition suited to their project.

  • Image file formats must be GIF, PNG, or JPEGs only.
  • Primary image landscape: 2362 x 1462 px.
  • Primary image portrait: 2362 x 3034 px. for layout A, 1092 x 1462 for layout B
  • Small image landscape: 1124 x 676 px.
  • Small image portrait: 505 x 676 px.

Via email, each student received the Protocol Student User Manual. A reminder email with instructions and the student manual was also sent detailing the specific requirements and deadlines for the uploaded course work.


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