06 / Investigation / Site as Learning Landscape

06 / Montessori / Site as Learning Landscape


Step 1: Observation and Revision

Observe the site within its immediate urban context. The studio will approach this investigation through a layering of different scales (1”=32’-0”; 1”=64’-0”) and subjects. The product will be a breakdown of different urban layers that you will represent in separate diagrams, drawings, paintings, models, etc.. Additional layers and subjects may need to be added following your initial site investigation. Each of you will sign-up for two layers/subjects on the list and graphically communicate your analysis using your chosen medium(s).

Step 2: Analysis and Applicability

How can the immediate site extend the learning environment? What other necessary functions and interactions occur there? How do site layers have agency as independent systems, in relation to each other, and in relation to building systems? What kind of criteria does your analysis deliver that impacts the project?

Due Dates

  • Mon, Feb. 22: 2D & 3D Site Drawings/Models (Site Visit)
  • Wed, Feb. 24: Physical Site Models (Workshop here.)
  • Wed, Mar. 02: Extensive and Intensive Site Layers

Full text here.


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