05 / Building as Learning Landscape 2 (Plans/Sections/Models)

05 / Montessori / Building as Learning Landscape 2 (Plans/Sections/Models)


Well-tempered drawings are the only locus where this condition between rationality and non-rationality results in a cosmography that sustains the making of places.  They are instruments capable of integrating both the solid stuff of the space encircling us with the dream stuff, which takes shape in our mind.   (Marco Frascari)

The models and drawings you produced so far explore spatial and organizational concepts as an extension of the learning environment.  In them, you should be able to identify spatial structures, sequences, transitions and thresholds across scale: neighborhood to school landscape, landscape to building, building to classroom, classroom to zone, zone to area, area to space of didactic material, etc…  You should also be able to identify layers of systems and a variety of tectonic principles – how does the “architectural body” relate to human bodies – and how does this create a range of environments which support the activities that take place in an elementary school.

This week, translate your work into a schematic design proposal.  

You may interpret the building program but you must account for all spaces in some way: classroom, collective, administrative, mechanical, etc.

Use standard architectural conventions to produce plans, sections, and models.  Draw in layers, each one a different building system.  Draw to a definite scale: ⅛”=1’-0”.

Schedule of Deliverables

17 Feb, 14:00
  1. Building Plans – 1/8”=1’-0
  2. Building Sections  – 1/8”=1’-0”
  3. Study model – 1/8”=1’-0”
19 Feb, 14:00 – Review in Crown, Lower Core ECW
  1. Revised Building Plans – 1/8”=1’-0”
  2. Revised Building Sections – 1/8”=1’-0”
  3. Well-crafted Model – 1/8”=1’-0”

Relevant Terms:

system, assembly, unit, composition, coordination, transformation, mutation, juxtaposition, superimposition, relation, sequence, structure, aperture, envelope



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