We also really need the studio space reset as soon as possible. Finish your exams, and then make sure that you thoroughly clean and tidy your workspace in 3410. If you need a deadline for this, make it Wednesday by 2pm (December 9, 2015). 

Dispose of anything you won’t be using in the future, remove everything from the floor and neatly organize your remaining work, models and other items onto your desk surface.

Thanks in advance.


Compendium Submission

Compendium Submission
To be submitted by Friday, 11 Dec, 9:00a.

The compendium is best served as a multi-page pdf that starts at the beginning of the semester and shows progress to and including your final work.  Please follow the instructions of individual studio faculty.  However, in general, images can be single-page 11″x 17″ PDF, preferable in landscape orientation (to better fit a computer screen).

Please do not  design “portfolio.”   This not a separate design exercise.  The compendium is a collection of work already made – model photos, drawings, diagrams, written statements, sketches – 1 per page, or multiple if sequential, diagrammatic, or relational.  Please, do not design a format or portfolio layout.

Also, since we would like these uploaded, make sure the entire package is less than 10mb.

Thanks in advance,

kəmˈpendēəm  [noun]
–  a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication.
–  a collection of things, especially one systematically gathered.  

4 Dec / Final Review / 1:30-6:00pm

Final review locations (in red) are per the diagram below.  Students are to transport ALL work to Crown no later than 1:00p.

You will have just 30 min to pinup before the official start.  To facilitate, models and drawings can be temporarily positioned in staging areas (in blue) to avoid interruption to review sessions that precede ours in Crown.  Please – be considerate.