Just in case anyone is so delirious from lack of sleep that they have forgotten, Final Reviews are tomorrow in Upper Core and North Core of Crown Hall from 2-6pm.  As always, in order to afford everyone as much time as possible, please begin pinning up as early as possible so that we can start promptly and smoothly.  We will review in the same locations as we did for midterm, and that map is posted for your convenience below.


After your reviews, please return all materials to 3410 and be responsible for cleaning Upper Core. Please help in cleaning up the center tables and removing trash.  Chairs should be placed back on the racks neatly, and all model bases neatly positioned against the walls.  Please pitch in and be responsible for more than just your belongings so that we can leave Upper Core in better condition than we found it.

Two more notes:

First, Friday is a normal studio day.  Come prepared to clean like crazy and then party.  More information will follow, but after we clean the studios on Friday, we will head out to the north side of M&M for our last social and annual Pot-Luck Barbeque.  The grills will be going, the pizza oven will be roaring and with your assistance we’ll have plenty of food and drink for everyone.

Secondly, go to bed.  Like now.

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