A few reminders and updates:


We will be traveling to Cincinnati on February 27th, 28th (and extending into the 29th if you are interested).  That is 3 weeks from this Friday.

The trip will include visits to the University of Cincinnati to the see the Architecture School (also a 5 year program), the many incredible buildings on campus designed by well known architects including Morphosis, Peter Eisenman and Frank Gehry, and the Contemporary Art Museum design by Zaha Hadid.

The very rough plan is to leave very early Friday the 27th and spend the rest of the day seeing as much as possible on the University of Cincinnati campus. On Saturday, we’ll see other neighborhoods around the city and tour the downtown and art museum.  On Sunday we’ll leave early and can potentially take the long way home to see the Toledo Glass Museum by SANAA.

Please request time off from your jobs, etc so that you can join us.  Both Professor Felsen and Professor Miller have excused you from their classes on that day so that you may travel with us to see what Cincinnati has to offer. If you have another class that day and would like for me to reach out to your professor to ask the same, please let me know.

Travel and lodging in Cincinnati will be your responsibility, so please begin making arrangements now.  Please arrange carpools promptly, and please let your professors know if you need a ride so that we can assist in filling cars.

Friends, family, and other architecture students are welcome so please invite them along as well.  As of right now, Professor Schachman’s Cloud Studio will also be joining us for portions of the trip.

We will provide more complete information on February 13th and February 20th in lecture.  Details will include specific itinerary and schedule as well as specific lodging and dining recommendations.

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