Cincinnati Map

The link above leads to a Google map that you can use on your phones to help navigate the campus and city. It pins the locations of the buildings highlighted in the Guide and additionally locates parking options on campus, restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, etc…


Cincinnati Itinerary


Please download (and print) the above Cincinnati Itinerary PDF file. It provides times, Guide numbers of buildings and neighborhoods, addresses, and new important parking information (especially for Union Terminal). Any last minute changes and additional information will be posted here.

Cincinnati Guide & Appendix

Cincinnati Guide

Cincinnati Guide_Appendix

We have compiled images and information about the multitude of projects that you have the opportunity to visit in Cincinnati in addition to brief histories of the city and its neighborhoods. Feel free to download the pdf files here and/or use the Issuu app on your phone or computer to utilize this information as you tour buildings and the city as it can provide valuable information especially during self-guided tours. You won’t be able to see everything listed in the Guide so read through in advance of the trip to prioritize buildings you would like to visit. White pages within the Guide focus on buildings and black pages highlight the architects and landscape architects who designed the previous listed project and includes images of their other work. Overall the guide is organized by neighborhood starting on the north side of the city and moving south. Also included are some coffee/food/drink recommendations for each neighborhood. Feel free to use other resources to find more recommendations as these are just a few of the many wonderful options in each neighborhood.

The Appendix includes newspaper, magazine, and academic articles written about several of the projects highlighted in the Guide. Most are quick reads that provide valuable insight into understanding these complex buildings, landscapes, and campus plans.

Concept Modeling_SUPPLIES

Given the busy weekend ahead, we wanted to make an early request for concept modeling supplies.  Our workshop next week will have us building quick, but well crafted and thoughtful, concept models for the IDEAhaus.

More information on the workshop will be provided, but most importantly you need to have quality model building materials and supplies.  We would like to work on modeling languages with this workshop and represent ideas or agendas not only with intent, but with material consequence.  Instead of chunks of wood, think wood veneer.  Instead of chipboard, think high quality heavyweight paper.  Pink or blue foam is acceptable, but only if cut cleanly and consistently with sharp knives or wire cutters, so reserve those and bring those from the shop as well.   Unconventional materials can also make incredible conceptual and study models.  Fabric, felt, wire, wood sticks, etc.  Please don’t just bring what is laying around.  The criteria is simple.

Bring materials that are easy to build with AND that you would love to have art in your home made from.

Cincinnati Information


On Wednesday we will head to Siegel at 4:45pm to watch an hour long Charlie Rose special about Peter Eisenman’s Aronoff Center for Art and Design and discuss the Cincinnati itineray. The video includes interviews with the architect, Peter Eisenman, the client, Jay Chatterjee, and the donor, Senator Aronoff, concluding with a panel discussion with Donna Robertson, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, Bernard Tschumi, Greg Lynn, Sarah Whiting, and several others.

union_terminal   Union_Terminal_Construction

As part of the Cincinnati trip we have organized an optional tour of Union Terminal scheduled for 10am on Saturday, February 28th. The building, designed by Paul Phillipe Cret, is one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the country. While the main space of the building is open and accessible to the public during museum hours for free, we have organized a $5 1-hour docent-led “Custom Rotunda” tour that gives access to spaces not open to the public or a $30 1.5-hour structural engineer/docent-led “High Steel” tour that gives access to those spaces plus the amazing trusses within the roof structure; not for the faint of heart it includes dizzying heights, hot dusty dark spaces, and ladder climbs. Signing a waiver is required in addition to restrictions on footwear, etc… Both include free parking which is typically $6/car. If not attending this you can tour the city on your own during that time and meet up later on Saturday afternoon at Zaha Hadid’s CAC for an introduction to the building at 2pm (to be confirmed).

In order to organize this we need to know who will attend this tour and collect money in advance on Wednesday so that the correct number of docents can be provided for a our group. On Wednesday we will have two sign-up sheets (one for the $5 tour and one of the $30 tour) and will collect your money then. Those not prepaying on Wednesday cannot attend the organized 10am tours, but are free to see the building at another time.