Neighborhood_Memory project reviews will be conducted in Upper Core tomorrow (01/23/15) starting at 2pm.  Reviews will take place in two parts.

Part 1 (60 – 90 min) – Small Randomly Assigned Groups.  You will review yourselves, and you will be asked to discuss the following: What architectural and modeling vocabulary/terminology is being used and explored in the models?  What are the most effective and least effective examples and modeling techniques that demonstrate these terms and criteria?  What would you like to do over with this model?  You will be asked to produce a list of vocabulary and terminology and then present your findings to a larger group.

Part 2 (60 – 90 min) – Small Group Presentations.  Large Group Discussions.  After Part 1, the small groups will gather in pairs and present their findings to each other, and professors will moderate large group critiques and discussion.

Part 1 small groups noted here – S15_ARCH_306_NEIGHBORHOOD MEMORY REVIEW GROUPS.

Part 1 small group and Part 2 large group locations/moderators are noted below:



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