TODAY_We will meet in studio as usual.

CLEAN_Our biggest priority is to clean the studios.  All garbage must be tossed or bagged.   Everything must be removed from the floors.  Everything.  Anything that you would like to save must be neatly stacked on your desks.  Materials, tools, etc.  Studios do not need to be evacuated over the break, but they need to be left in such a way that  we can get immediately back to work in January.  Do not leave more in studio than you can carry to your new spot next semester in a matter of minutes.   Models should be removed from studio prior to next Monday to avoid being damaged or taken.   If your professor has asked for your model to save for the end of year open house, the model storage room will be open to move models to.  Please label them with your name and studio, and move them promptly.  Again, this is our primary agenda for studio.  If we don’t get this done, nothing else matters.

CHIT CHAT_Once the studios are clean, we are going to have a studio wide chat about next semester.  It will give you something to chew on over break, and we will welcome any dialogue that follows.

SOCIAL_And lastly, let’s send off the semester with our last social of 2013.  We’ll party upstairs in 3410.   Bring anything you like to add to the mix.

THANKS_again for a great semester and a lot of work.  Looking forward to an enjoyable last day.


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