IIT SUMMER PROGRAMS – Germany/Netherlands/Denmark

I hope you all had an opportunity to look at the IIT/ SUMMER PROGRAM Germany/Netherlands/Denmark  exhibition from the last summer that was in in the North Core this past week. The program equals 2 elective courses/ 3 countries/ 4 weeks ; Analytic drawing ARCH 468 and Materials Technologies ARCH 466.  Check our website at http://iit-berlinstudio. tripod.com/

If you have been thinking about a summer program for 2015 and would like to join or if you have interest at this point please send John DeSalvo an email expressing your interest and he will put you on the mailing / meeting list for future updates.  Email at desalvo@iit.edu.   There will be an on-line registration from the University available in January .




This year’s Chicago Prize is calling for speculative proposals for the Barack Obama Presidential Library to initiate a debate in order to rethink and redefine this particular building typology. Entry information, including a complete set of rules, can be found at http://www.chicagoarchitecturalclub.org. Entries are due by noon, January 10, 2015.

Calendar: UPDATE

All, the Calendar for F14 A305 has been updated and modified slightly.  Please note the updated page and following refinements:

1. The presentation lecture has been moved up a week to next Friday, 14th. It will be a group presentation.

2. Final reviews remain slated for Wednesday, December 3rd (3.5 weeks away).  Instead of reviewing in the afternoon only, we will be reviewing all day long.  Half the studios will review in the AM and half the studios will review in the PM.  This will allow us to make an ‘event’ out of the day, and allow you to see more of your fellow students work.  It will be required for you to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.  As such, all work will be due the day before the final reviews.  This will promote fairness for all, and more importantly, a good night’s sleep.  Final reviews are intended to be a celebration of your efforts and a compelling conversation for all – both of which are better experienced while not exhausted.