Reviews for our INFRA ORDINARY assignment will be help tomorrow in Crown Hall beginning promptly at 2pm.

Reviews will be conducted in 2 parts, and as such, all work must be pinned up and you must be ready to review prior to 2pm.  In order to avoid running long, please be respect this request and kindly start pinning up soon enough to be ready to go.

Part 1, 2pm: Small group discussion. (30-45min)  The first phase of the review will be conducted as a primer for the more formal review to follow.  In small 3-4 person groups that will be assigned, you will be asked to answer 2-3 questions about each others project and engage in a short discussion about your responses.  The intent of this phase is to further clarify your work for yourself in advance of the formal review.  The questions will be provided to you tomorrow prior to 2pm, and you will be asked to provide written critique and response for each of your fellow small group participants.

Part 2, 3pm: Formal Review (3 hours +) The second phase of the review will be a formal review led by Professors and guest critics.  We will not review with our studios but in assigned groups of +/-15 students.  Reviews will be conducted in a conventional manner with project by project based conversations and critique.

Small group and Formal Review assignments can be found here: F14_ARCH_305_INFRA REVIEW LIST

Pin up and review locations can be found here: F14_A305 INFRA ORDINARY REVIEW LOCATIONS


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