Refine Strategy (curate and publish)


It is important to continuously curate your work and efforts.  This editing process allows you to maintain a critical debate about the quality and direction of your work.  As the next step in your design process, use the criticism and feedback you received during your midterm review to curate your work and position developed during the first half of the semester into a final schematic proposal for the Kulturhus.



– begin your semester portfolio by creating a publication of your Kulturhus project

– refine and present your final schematic Kulturhus proposal



Using, select a publication format (we won’t order books right now, but we will, so find a format that you would like to publish later), and develop a template for your publication.  Beginning with the first assignment of the semester, curate your process and produce a pamphlet that demonstrates the phases of the Kulturhus design process.


As you assemble your pamphlet, critique your presentation to establish the gaps in your process, and the strengths and weaknesses of your Kulturhus design proposal.


Refine and supplement the work that you produced for midterm to present a complete and compelling schematic proposal for your Kulturhus in the form of a draft publication/pamphlet.



W 12 Mar select template, document work, clean desk, curate process

F 14 Mar submit publication for midterm evaluation



A compiled PDF of your draft publication/pamphlet outlining the complete design process for the Kulturhus.


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