Charrette/Design Opportunity – Volunteers needed


The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), a local institution that works on planning and development throughout the Chicago region is pulling together a series of community charrettes on Transit Oriented Development. They are developing plans for the Wilson Redline stop. 

MPC is looking for volunteer architects to help lead community sessions. These are for feedback from local residents and they need young architects who can help draw these ideas through plans and sketches. The results become a publication that the city uses to shape development in the area. 

This is an opportunity to meet and work with several local architects in the city and to work with a city-wide organization that plays a role in shaping the city. There is a training session Tuesday, March 4th from 11-5 (lunch included) or 3-5 if you have a morning class. If you are interested in participating (whether not you can make the training session) please contact me (

Participation is one charrette per semester and they run through next Fall/Spring. The charrettes are a lot of fun and it’s chance to get a glimpse of the city’s planning process. 

Prof. Chadha

More detail from MPC: Here is a bit more background on our Corridor Development Initiative process in Transit Oriented Development zones.

  • ·         The Corridor Development Initiative (CDI) is a participatory planning process that allows communities to proactively plan for real world development scenarios. This three-part planning process helps residents understand issues such as density, affordable housing, market realities and the true cost of development, while creating a set of priorities to guide community leaders as they plan for future development in their neighborhoods.
  • ·         In past years, MPC has conducted CDIs in the city of Aurora and the Chicago neighborhoods of Hyde ParkLogan Square and North Lawndale.
  • ·         In 2014 and 2015, MPC will conduct CDIs in three additional Chicago communities, each of which is in close proximity to a transit stop. This builds off of opportunities with the City of Chicago’s recently passed TOD ordinance. The first CDI will likely be in May/June.

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