Meet in studio. Please pass the information along.


Midterm_Monday, March 10th_11:30 am

Our midterm is scheduled for Monday, March 10th in Upper Core and North Core of Crown Hall.  Due to the Herman Hertzberger Lecture, we are going to start at 11:30am instead of 2pm.  Reviews will run from 11:30am-4pm so that we can be completely cleared from Crown Hall by 4:30pm.  If you have any schedule conflicts due to the early start, please communicate with your professor and we will accommodate your schedule.



 Midterm Deliverables:


Previous Work (edited/refined as necessary):

-Area of Interest Bodies Map (Anatomy of Influence)

-Use Programs/Program Matrices

-GIS program substantiation drawings

-Programmatic Massing Models

-Assemblage Site Models


New Work:

-Site Model including surrounding context (1/16″ = 1′-0″)

-Building Models (1/16″ = 1′-0″)

-Schematic Plans

-Schematic Sections

-Schematic Site Plan


Additional Parking at University of Michigan map

Additional Parking at University of Michigan map


Architecture students from U of M’s program will meet you at the door on the south side of the building. It is the one that is directly accessible from the parking lot– it is the back door of the building, but the one that leads directly into architecture.

The link is the North Campus parking map. The nearest visitor’s lot may be full. Additional visitors lots are in red on the map. 

See you there – 

Prof. Chadha