Excellent supplement to your GIS research. Gives informal but up to the minute information on everything from events in the area to specific crime information. Great way to connect with community business owners, organization leaders, etc.


Assignment 2a_Use Mapping (Kulturhus program)

S14_3_Use Mapping (Kulturhus program)


Excerpt from Sylvie & Bruno, Lewis Caroll:

“And then came the grandest idea of all! We actually made a map of the country, on the scale of a mile to the mile!”

“Have you used it much?” I enquired.

“It has never been spread out, yet,” said Mein Herr. “The farmers objected: they said it would cover the whole country, and shut out the sunlight! So we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well.”

The program students will be asked to write will embody similar tensions.  It’s a speculation that reflects the student’s interpretation of the territory.  Students will devote themselves to making that fiction seem completely inhabitable.

“Now that I am awake I still find this dream as masterly as when i slept.” –Salvador Dali

“These false facts relate to the real world as spies to a given society: the more conventional and unnoted their existence, the better they can devote themselves to that society’s destruction.” –Rem Koolhaas



– Develop a use program for the Culture House / Activity Center

– Prove the validity/relevance of the use program through GIS mapping and analysis.

– Evaluate your AREA OF INTEREST for the proper site for the Culture House / Activity Center

– Prove the validity / relevance of your choice through GIS mapping and analysis.



Develop a use program for the Kulturhus.  Mine your AREA OF INTEREST for it’s infrastructure and develop a use program that improves, exploits, contradicts, etc, that framework.

Substantiate your use program through GIS mapping.  Use QGIS software and the various data sources available to you, and in conjunction with your fieldwork, produce mapped documentation that validate your hypothethis for the use program of the Kulturhus.

Further, use the use mapping and program substantiation to propose a location for the Kulturhus within the AREA OF INTEREST.



Kulturhus brief:

– a new Chicago institution.  a network of buildings across the city  conceived as a collaboration between the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Transit Authority

– +/-20,000sf

– max 8000sf footprint

– min 3 primary uses

– min 2 stories

– agent of the place

-adjacent to CTA transit (bus, bike, train)



1. Is the relationship between the parts complimentary or not/complimentary?  Why?

2.  How will the Kulturhus ACT in the place?  How will it have agency?




F 1/24 Institution as Agent Lecture / programming conversation in studio

M 1/27 Draft use program due / desk crits / GIS intro lecture 4p

W 1/29 Initial GIS maps, substantiation due / GIS lecture 2p

F 1/31 Institution Symposium / Second draft use program due / GIS maps refines

M 02/03 Use mapping due / in class critique



For an in studio pin up review/conversation on Monday, February 3:

1.  Use program matrix that defines use, size, audience, scale of engagement and class of use.

2.  GIS mapping that substantiates choices for use and location.

3.  Written statement of cultural  effects/result of Kulturhus.  Verbally diagram the relationship and chemistry between the ingredients of the Kulturhus and the neighborhood.