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Symposium is Siegel today at 2pm.

Come with thick questions!!


GIS support links

Reference links for GIS mapping discussed in the lecture today:

Cloud Studio GIS blog:

IIT CoA Data Cloug:

Factfinder2 –

Chicago Data Portal:

Other Detroit Insights

detroit 2

So I couldn’t find this entire episode for free on YouTube, but still thought this was a good intro on Detroit to get you guys excited.  Anthony Bourdain (best known as a food critic) hosts this show Parts Unknown on CNN and one of his episodes is on Detroit.  It’s a pretty great episode that captures more than just the food scene.  He runs on the theme of what happens to a city when government doesn’t care.  If you can find the full episode, check it out.  Here’s the official site with his written synopsis on Detroit:

If you can’t find the whole thing, here’s one of the more interesting parts that he talks about… Detroit’s Lawn Mower Gang:

And he also talks about Pop-up restaurant like “Guns and Butter”:

Those are just some of the more nuanced happenings in Detroit, I’m sure you will all learn more on the trip.