Verbal Hybrid

VERBAL PRESENTATION Tips for crafting an effective presentation. Expanded notes from Prof. Williams suggestions during Friday’s lecture.

  1. In one word, my project is about: 
  2. In one sentence, my project is about:
  3. In one paragraph, my project is about:
  4. Use the paragraph for your verbal and visual alyout
  5. With any luck, your one “WORD” and what you’ve been making will match
  6. Edit the existing stuff you’ve made (models, drawings, sketches, etc) to match. be strategic.



  • DON’T remake another variation of your massing model because you’re in love with!
  • DON’T create a drawing that repeats information contained in the model and vice versa.
  • DONT try to go do 8 hours of new research on the history of prairie grasses!
  • DON’T sit and feet about what you don’t have, rally around what you do have



  • Make it beautiful
  • Design the conversation
  • Make several test plots AND pin them up on the wall in Crown to make sure content is legible.

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