Studio tomorrow

MEET_Let’s meet in studio tomorrow at 2pm as usual.

CLEAN_Our biggest priority tomorrow is to clean the studios.  All garbage must be tossed or bagged.   Anything that you would like to save must be neatly stacked on your desks.  Materials, tools, etc.  Studios do not need to be evacuated over the break, but they need to be left in such a way that  we can get immediately back to work in January.  Do not leave more in studio than you can carry to your new spot next semester in a matter of minutes.   Models should be removed from studio prior to the holiday to avoid being damaged or taken.   If your professor has asked for your model to save for the end of year open house, the model storage room will be open tomorrow to move models to.  Again, this is our primary agenda for studio tomorrow. If we don’t get the work done tomorrow, we can continue the effort on Monday.

CHIT CHAT_Once the studios are clean, we are going to have a studio wide Pecha Kucha in Studios Glynn/Klaeschen.  Several of us are going to briefly present our thoughts regarding next semester, and we will welcome any dialogue that follows.

SOCIAL_And lastly, let’s send off the semester with our last social of 2013.  We’ll party upstairs in 3410.   Bring a few bucks to donate to the cause if you would.  Looking forward to an enjoyable last day in studio.


Reviewing HYBRID

Final reviews are tomorrow and will run all day. In the AM, Studios Danly, Glynn, Parente and Tinucci will review and in the afternoon, Studios Chadha, Klaeschen, Park and Williams will review.

Studios will review in the areas that we have reviewed all semester.  Chadha/Danly will be on the west wall of Upper Core.  Glynn/Klaeschen will be in the NW corner.  Parente/Park will be in the NE corner and Tinucci/Williams will be on the east wall.  We will begin the first session at 9am, and the second session at 2pm.  Please begin pinning up early so that we can start on time.

As we have discussed, everyone should participate in both review sessions tomorrow.  For one half, present the work you have done with enthusiasm and conviction and for the other half, participate in and learn from the work your friends and classmates have worked on.   We’ve set the review up in this way to afford you this opportunity.  Please don’t disregard or disrespect it.

Two final thoughts/reminders –

Present the project you have, not the one you wished you had or the one you think you have.  This is a classic mistake, and critics prey on it.  Make them work a bit.

And get some sleep.

Verbal Hybrid

VERBAL PRESENTATION Tips for crafting an effective presentation. Expanded notes from Prof. Williams suggestions during Friday’s lecture.

  1. In one word, my project is about: 
  2. In one sentence, my project is about:
  3. In one paragraph, my project is about:
  4. Use the paragraph for your verbal and visual alyout
  5. With any luck, your one “WORD” and what you’ve been making will match
  6. Edit the existing stuff you’ve made (models, drawings, sketches, etc) to match. be strategic.



  • DON’T remake another variation of your massing model because you’re in love with!
  • DON’T create a drawing that repeats information contained in the model and vice versa.
  • DONT try to go do 8 hours of new research on the history of prairie grasses!
  • DON’T sit and feet about what you don’t have, rally around what you do have



  • Make it beautiful
  • Design the conversation
  • Make several test plots AND pin them up on the wall in Crown to make sure content is legible.