Hybrid Smoosh Presentation

Reviews for the Hybrid Smoosh project will be held in Upper Core tomorrow starting at 2pm.

We will review your collages and drawings in our individual studios in our specified studio areas. Those areas can be referenced from the map of Upper Core used for the Infra-ordinary review.

The large format drawings we will be reviewing should be curated and hung with intent, precision and care as though they were being displayed in a gallery. Additionally, please work together to hang all drawings at the beginning of studio so that all of our work is visible, and so that we can begin the review with a studio wide exhibition.

Please let me also say that printing problems are not acceptable. In your third year of architectural education, you now have enough experience to know that plotters can be fussy, that they don’t like huge files being sent to them in large quantities, and that on review days 120 students simply can’t print in the last hour wore the review. Print tonight. Print at 6am. Don’t print at noon….

This time in Crown will be our time to display our efforts this far, and we look forward to a good showing.


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