Assignment 3: Hybrid Smoosh



A small scale and rapid paced exploration of irregular and uncommon adjacency.

On the site RECORDED and MEASURED in Assignment 1: INFRA-ordinary, design a solution for an irregular and unconventional use.


– Solve unconventional problems.

– Resolve issues of uncommon adjacency.

– Transform context through bold ideas.

– Bend rules..

– Extrapolate and utilize previous analysis and research


1.   As a group, revisit conclusions reached about the essence of your INFRA-ordinary site investigation.  Develop a list of possible unconventional or irregular adjacencies for the site, and make a proposal for which of those uses you will incorporate into the site.

2.   Analyze the proposed “uncommon adjacency” utilizing a term or small collection of terms which you feel are appropriate to the proposed use and it’s relationship to your particular site.

3.  Utilizing the modeling or concepting techniques developed in the trope (concept modeling) workshop or any other techniques of your choosing, develop concepts for the Hybrid solution and propose multiple design solutions to the problem.  Concepts and proposals must be presented physically, in model form or on paper – not only verbally.

4.  Refine the selected design proposal and develop a presentation in the form of a collage drawing.

5.  Produce a well crafted hybrid drawing (collage) that captures the ‘agency’ created by the new adjacency.


a.   How would you define the  agency  in your operation(s) that allows your proposed adjacency to transform and become a hybrid space or conditions?

b. What do you believe to be the components (new or existing) that contribute to the hybridity of this site in the context of the new adjacency?  Context, environment, concept, use, performance, time, process, material, details, construction, etc.?

c. How does the new adjacency influence  the cultural context of your site in terms of program and use?

d.   How will the project as a hybrid (site + new adjacency)  change or influence it’s context?  Will it drastically change our understanding or experience of the site?  Will it change how people act?  Will it make life more efficient?

e. What problems does the adjacency pose/create, and how can you solve for them?


F 27 Sep               Project assigned.

                                Lecture: Unfamiliar Adjacencies

                                Uses defined.

M 30 Sep              Desk crit: Concepts reviewed

W 02 Oct               Desk crit: Drawing concepts reviewed

F 04 Oct                Presentation


Produce a single drawing/collage/rendering representing the HYBRID proposal.

Format 22 x 22 minimum – 22 x 30 maximum

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