Precedent Presentations and Dialogues

Precedent Presentations are tomorrow afternoon, and as we have discussed, we will be splitting up by projects/precedents into four groups.  Each group will have two professors who will act as moderators for the discussion, but generally, you are presenting to each other to solicit thoughtful dialogue and hopefully, debate.

The groups, professors and presentation locations are as follows:

Group A (Crown Hall, Lower Core, room 4)
Profs: Chadha, Parente
Projects:Baths at Caracalla, Miami Beach Parking Garage, Waste Treatmet/Ski Run
Group B (3410, Room 216)
Profs: Tinucci, Williams
Projects: Centre Pompidou, Seattle Public Library, Market Hall
Group C (Crown Hall, Room 14)
Profs: Danly, Klaeschen
Projects: Fiat Factory, Eames House, Maritime Youth House, Bryhus Project
Group D (3410, North Studio)
Profs: Glynn, Park
Projects: A8erna, Highline
The presentations will be digital slideshows (PDF’s preferred, Powerpoint is acceptable).  There is no limit to the number of slides, but you will be strictly held to a 5 minute presentation time.  Please edit your presentations to include only the most essential slides necessary to make your strongest points and arguments.  Quality is valued over quantity (remember that you have to maintain the attention of 30 of yourselves).  If you are the first group to present a project, please introduce the project fully (extra time will be granted). If you present after the first group, understand that it is not necessary to repeat the information that has already been given.  Adapt to what has been said before you (this is a good lesson for any presentation), and continue from where others have left off.   Again, the Hybrid nature of your projects should establish the framework for your presentations.  Your research, analysis and contextual investigations have led you to conclusions about the project that you should state clearly and with authority.  You have become the experts.
Also, models have played a significant role in your research of this project.  Please bring those models to the presentations and use them in your presentation.
All presentations must be uploaded to the group Dropbox in your specific group (per the above) and in your specific project folder by 1:45pm tomorrow.  The link to the shared Dropbox folder follows: Click here to view IIT_B3_F13_A305_Precedent Deconstruction Review. Please double check that this works, and if it does not, please contact your studio professor who will email you the link directly.  The naming convention for your presentation should be as follows.  PROJECTNAME_PROFESSORNAME_STUDENTLASTNAMES.PDF OR PPT.  For example, “Baths at Caracalla_Tinucci_Tinucci.pdf”.

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