final clean up


Please note that all models, in both the east and the west studios must be removed by Sunday evening.  Regardless of whether you would like to preserve the model or not, if you have a model in Crown it is your responsibility to remove it prior to Sunday evening.

Please be responsible for your material.

Many thanks.


Good Show

Happy Mothers Day, all. If you had forgotten, there is still time to make the call….


We wanted to pass on our congratulations and thanks for a great year. The work on display last Friday was indeed impressive. As I was reminded on Thursday – “oh yeah, thats what we did this year…”The studio downstairs was bustling all night and we took great satisfaction in upper level students and professors asking questions about and commenting on the quality of the drawings, studies and models. Thank you again for all the work and congratulations again on your success.

Also – A very appreciative and huge ‘thank you’ to those of you who extended portions of your day last Thursday and Friday to assist with the set-up. I can’t remember everyone who helped, but you know who you are, and we owe you. We absolutely could not set up as comprehensive a display without your significant contributions.

Some details regarding the show:
Any models not selected for inclusion are still in the West Studio and they can and should be removed immediately. The models in the East Studio can be left in place until after graduation at which point they all need to be immediately removed. All models still on the tables on May 20th will be discarded as the building is cleared for the renovations. Its fine to remove your model before if it is the only time you can, as we don’t want you to lose models you haven’t yet photographed. If you would still like your model, but are not in town to collect it, please let me know by email, and I will set it aside for you. Please do not remove the drawings. We will do so and save them, as most of them were pulled from our portfolios of your work.

It’s been a really enjoyable year for all of us, and again, we thank you for your efforts. It was great fun. Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Enjoy the break from school, but don’t let your brain take the summer off with regards to your education. This profession doesn’t allow it, and you should begin to train yourself to that reality. You are constantly surrounded by environments that you can and should be learning from, and you are now able to do that on your own. Be critical. Be smart. Don’t pass up an opportunity for your thinking or your work to improve. Make a list of quality regional buildings you haven’t seen and go see some of them this summer. Learn new softwares, or improve at old softwares. Sketch and read.

We look forward to seeing you in the halls come August. Don’t be strangers.

Portfolio Delivery

Unless you have arranged a specific delivery location/time with your studio professor, please deliver your portfolio pages to the West studio today. There will (eventually) be a collection box just inside the south door – but if it’s not yet there when you arrive, please start a neat stack in that location. Thanks!

Final warning.

All, I’m just off phone with Rick Nelson who spent the day cleaning an incredible mess out of the West studio. It has been made clear to you multiple times over the year that your mess is your mess, and it’s surprising how many of you still rely on others to clean it up.

You have today to remove ALL your goods from the west studio.

Models designated for end of year show consideration should be placed on Kearns studio tables moving west as the table get filled.

Final clean up!!

Just one final request to move all trash to the dumpsters and all supplies out of the studios by noon today.

The East studio will be completely cleared out and the west used for final year end show prep and staging.

Any final open house models should be placed in the west studio on Kearns studio desk moving west if we run out of room.

Your full participation in this effort is appreciated. It’s also your responsibility.

Many thanks.