Ozinga Concrete : Yard visit and Q+A

ozinga header

The team at Ozinga Concrete is welcoming us to visit their yard in the Chinatown/Halsted area 2222 S. Lumber. We will break into 4 groups distributed over this week and next, in order to accommodate their safety protocols and available space.

Mon 25 Mar – Studios KLÄSCHEN and PARENTE

Fri 29 Mar – Studios JOHNSON and TINUCCI

Mon 1 Apr – Studios BLENDER and KEARNS

Fri 5 Apr – Studios KLYMSON and PARK

Each visit will be 2:00-4:00pm.

Please be on time and wear appropriate shoes/clothing.


St. Louis Field Trip_April 12th


We are in the process of planning a field trip to St. Louis to get a tour of the Pulitzer Foundation by Ando, visit the neighboring Contemporary art museum by Allied Works next door, and then the Kemper Art Museum by Fumihiko Maki, with a few other stops along the way.

We have adjusted the date to April 12th from April 5th to accommodate the AIAS event in Milwaukee the previous weekend.  The plan will be to leave early in the morning in order to get tours of these facilities in the early afternoon, with additional sites to visit later in the afternoon and/or the following day if you choose.

More details will follow shortly, including coordination of transportation, but initially, we need to ask you to fill out the attached field trip waiver and return it to us as soon as possible, and no later than this Friday.  Please complete it digitally, save as a PDF with your name, and email to your professor prior to Friday’s class so that we can turn them in to the office and have them on record.


Please see the field trip form/waiver here.  S13_A306_STL_field_trip_waiver

Tepedarium Competition WINNERS


Congratulations to all the shortlisted projects and winners in the Tepedarium Competition last week!

The Audience Award winners were:

Audience_Best Presentation – Rex Meier

Audience_Best Model – Noe Garcia-Mendoza

Audience_Best Project – Gabriel Espinoza

The short list finalists were:

Laura Amaro, George Baciu, Michael Bart, Christopher Brich, Taylor Chan, Aristeo Contreras, Aimee Dewante,  Gabriel Espinoza, Noe Garcia-Mendoza, Angelika Glogowski, Yahnna Glover, Kathy Guzik, Raleigh Howard, Mark Kaminski, Tereza Kostova, Gary Kranz, Charles Massaro, Brittany Mead, Rex Meier, Olumide Oluduro, James Ortega, Jennifer Potoczak, Alejandro Rojas, Luke Romanini, Baine Rydin Ma, Evan Tjondro Koesoemo, Amber Ulasich, Manuel Yeverino, Josh Youn.

And the winners were:

3rd Place (tie) – Tereza Kostova, Baine Rydin Ma

2nd Place – Evan Tjondro Koesoemo

1st Place – Angelika Glogowski

Congratulations again!

If each of you would please email our TA Mahsa (mnicknam@hawk.iit.edu) a maximum of 4 jpegs (2 boards, 2 models) by the end of the upcoming weekend, we would like to post the winners to Flickr.    Please keep the resolutions in check to keep the total upload of images to a minimum.   11 x 17 x 150dpi-200dpi is a good resolution for online viewing (total file size should be max 500K each).   When sending images, please use the following naming convention – “tepdedarium_(category – audience, shortlist, or winner)_(your number)_(your name)_(image #)”.

Nice job all.