Precedent, Program and Experience of Space REVIEW

S13_A306 PRECEDENT REVIEW DRAWING LOCATIONS+The Assignment 2 review will take place tomorrow over the entire lower level of Crown Hall.  There is another studio lecture scheduled in the lower level of Crown Hall at 2pm, but promptly following that lecture, and beginning +/- at 3pm, we will pin up our Illuminated and Annotated drawings, grouped by precedent project, in the west corridor, Lower Core and the East Corridor as indicated on the above plan (or download S13_A306_PRECEDENT REVIEW DRAWING LOCATIONS).

As the drawings vary in size, and as it is unclear to us exactly how many drawings of each project there are, please work together to place the drawings in their respective groups.  If drawings need to move left or right, up or down, or spill across the halls or into the studios, please feel free to let them do so.

AND, of utmost importance, please pin your drawings OVER the top of the existing drawings on the tackboards in the halls.  Please do not move existing documents in the halls, just simply pin over the top of them.  Very few of the existing documents are sacred, so they can be pinned through, but please endeavor to not damage the existing material and take care when removing the drawings to return the walls to their prior state.

Once pinned up, the professors will review the drawings in the three respective areas – the west corridor, east corridor and lower core.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the final products.

And last but not least –

After the review, and after the drawings have been removed, we’ll meet back in our respective studios to launch the next project.

And prior to pinning up, if you haven’t yet removed your Vessel cast from outside of Crown, you will be asked to do so before pinning up your Precedent drawings.


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