image_4Great time yesterday!! The hope was for that exercise to get you into the home stretch on your Vessel, and we hope that as you strip the forms and view the results, you are seeing the possibilities.

If you haven’t yet stripped your form, please do so before tomorrow’s studio and bring them to studio with you.  As you remove the formwork, be careful to not damage the casts, and please discard the formwork in its proper place (trash cans, returning clamps, etc).  For those of you that used my form liners – the glass, the plastic ribbed sheets and the thick silicone rubber liners, please  carefully remove those, clean off the excess concrete and return them to me in my studio tomorrow.  I would appreciate you doing that so I may continue to use them in the future.   Additionally, for each cast, please label all relevant information about the cast on the side of the form – or on some insignificant face.  Please note your names, the type of mix, your best guess at the ratio, the type of formwork used and the consolidation method.  Documenting them is critical for our database.

And lastly, please do not destroy or remove the casts.  Next week, once we are done with the Vessel, we will collect them in the West studio for the TA’s to photograph and document for the publication.

Thanks again for a great day, and to all of you for participating in all phases, including the less enjoyable ‘cleaning up’ phase.  We can’t wait to see them.


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