Condition : Unacceptable

M&M messI can’t tell all of you how much I didn’t want to have to write this, but I was in M&M this morning dropping of material for our upcoming Concrete Casting Workshop to find southern end of M&M completely trashed by our plaster casting exercises.

Let me start by reminding you of the only TWO words that I highlight at the beginning of each semester: STUDY and RESPECT, and let me again call your attention to the latter of those two words.

The material that the school graciously purchased for your use has instead been used by you to borderline vandalize M&M — your dedicated and incredible materials lab.  Casting plaster has been spilled onto the work benches, been left to harden and all but ruin 5 gallon plastic buckets AND has been poured into the utility sink reminding me that you clearly aren’t as aware of your environment as I had hoped.

Let me again remind you that there is no shortage of paper to wrap the tables with, and there are no shortages of garbage cans to dump the plaster and your trash into when you are complete with your work.  Let me also remind you that plaster hardens, and unless it is washed off utensils prior to hardening, it will likely ruin those utensils.

The mess in M&M is your ‘collective’ responsibility.  The work that you are doing there, and the work that should be reflecting well on all of us is now having the opposite effect.    It is imperative for those of you responsible for the current mess and damage in M&M to resolve the issue immediately so that others may effectively work in the space for the remainder of the weekend, and so that upon return to normal use the work we have done does not hinder the work someone else will do.


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