Some critical reading…

… for your edification and reference.

Cecil D. Elliott, Technics and Architecture, MIT Press, 1992 — “Iron and Steel” p.66-108

Elliott – Technics and Architecture – Iron and Steel p66-108


Andrea Deplazes (Ed.), Construction Architecture: Materials, Processes, Structures (2nd Ed.), Birkhäuser, 2009 — “Materials-Modules: Steel” p.113-138

Deplazes-Constructing Architecture-Steel p113-138


Alexander Reichel (et al), Detail Practice: Building with Steel: Details, Principles, Examples, Birkhäuser/Edition Detail, 2007 — “”Designing the Load-bearing Structure” p.30-43 and “Assembling and Connecting” p.45-63

Detail-Building with Steel p30-63


Johnson Studio required reading: Technics and Architecture p.66-108, Constructing Architecture p.113-119, Detail: Building with Steel p.31-43


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