S12 Portfolios and Cleanup

And you thought you were done…..See you all tomorrow in studio!   If you need to know why, check this out – http://360.io/bA8cwD

Per our conversations, portfolios are due tomorrow by 11am when the professors will be meeting to grade.  I’ll defer to your individual professors regarding the composition of the packages, but in general, this exercise is not intended to be an effort in bookmaking as much as an attempt to ask you to organize your own work for your own future use.  Please simply collect your work from this semester in the form of printed 11x17s and turn it in to us so that we can reference it while grading.  Additionally, please DO NOT bind the packages with anything more than a simple binder clip so that we can disassemble them if/as necessary.

Then, at 12pm, the intent is to meet in studio and get rid of the trash.  By first thing Monday AM, our studios have to be completely clear of all trash, equipment, etc.  This is when the real cleaning crew will come through to get the building ready for the end of year show.  Again – tomorrow –

– all trash out off walls, off the floor, off the desks and out of the studios and in the dumpsters North of Crown

– all models either moved out of Crown or to the designated tables in the West studio for end of year show consideration.

– all of your equipment out of the studio

We aren’t even going to address the potential of this not being done by end of day tomorrow.

Then…..see below…..





Let’s celebrate the effort we’ve put in by lighting some fires, grilling some food, toasting your success, and enjoying each others company.

The concept for the BBQ is simple.  We will bring the accessories (some of you are helping with a few grills) and a few meats and treats to kick it off, and you guys can fill in the gaps with food and drinks of your own.  It’s a pot luck.  Bring something fun, something ethnic, stuff to grill, a side dish, or some other favorite, and some drinks and we should have enough for all.

I’m hoping a few of you have already started your dicing and marinades…..

As we’ve said, it’s not required you be there, but we’ve come a long way as a group and it will be nice to celebrate as one.

And one more time, the work looked great yesterday.  This was a really complex project, and the conversations we were able to have as a result were some of the best we’ve ever engaged in.  This was a great year, and we should all be really proud of how far we’ve come.  Well done.  See you tomorrow.

Final Reviews

A few notes about the big day tomorrow:

Reviews will take place in Upper Center Core, with your own sections and in the areas that you have reviewed in previously.  If you need to reference those locations, please reference earlier posts with the layout.  Reviews will begin at the time your professors have told you. This may vary slightly from one section to the next, so if there are any questions as to when that time is, please ask your professor and not someone in another section.  As well, be mindful that other groups may be reviewing as you pin-up, and do your best to not be a distraction to their proceedings.

As you know, what and how you present is at your discretion.  We’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of models  and drawings on the walls the last two weeks, and we very much are looking forward to the culmination of all of your hard work tomorrow. We are almost there.  Please consider that the majority of the reviewers are taking the afternoon off from their professional responsibilities to participate in your education, and one of the primary ways we thank them for their time is by being professional ourselves.  Get at least some rest so that you are conscious, eat,  bathe, etc, and most importantly, show them good work.

At 6:00pm promptly, we’ll finish our individual reviews and we will have a brief exhibition of our work.  Each of you, regardless of the format of your final review presentation, will need to pin-up your favorite drawings, printed individually on landscape 11×17’s.  You may present up to (5) 11×17’s and your final or best model for this exhibition as well.    As soon as you are pinned up, we will walk around to survey the work and select images for the end of year show, and as soon as we have completed our review, you can remove your work and bring it back down to studio.  Please be responsible for all of your mess in Upper Core. Please assist in cleaning up your chairs, food, work, etc, so that we leave Upper Core as we found it.

And lastly, the portfolios will be due by 11am Sunday morning in the box outside our office, and all of us will meet to clean the studio collectively at noon with a BBQ at M&M as soon as we are done with the clean up.  A separate blog post regarding portfolios, clean up and BBQ will follow.

Again, looking very forward to tomorrow.  Have a good evening.


FINAL REVIEW deliverables

As we mentioned in lecture, final reviews have been moved to Friday, April 27th from 2-6pm in Upper Core.  As the culmination of a fine semester of work, we look forward to seeing some incredible presentations and models.

To reiterate the discussion in lecture last week, it is your responsibility this semester to develop and design your entire presentation in a manner that best describes and details your design for the Monastery.

This semester, your deliverables are vague, yet at the same time comprehensive.  For the final review, you will be expected to present finely crafted models and drawings that fully and clearly communicate the following for your proposal:

– agenda

– environment

– scale

– circulation

–  structure

– materiality

– enclosure

– experience

We encourage you to treat your presentation as though it is a conversation or dialogue led less by your words than by your work.  Organize your work in any manner you see fit, but do so thoughtfully, and with intent, such that your project is communicated and revealed to the reviewers on your terms – using the criteria that you have established.

After the review, we will have a short exhibition of your work.  Each of you will display your models and pin up your 4-5 favorite drawings in a vertical column so that we can see everyone’s project, and we will walk around to make some selections for end of year show at which point you can remove your work and return Upper Core to the condition we found it in.

Lastly, and with more details to follow in a subsequent post, we will reconvene in studio on Sunday, April 29th to clean the studio and then celebrate the semester with a studio wide BBQ outside M&M.  It’s always a fun afternoon, and we are looking forward to socializing with you all a bit and toasting work well done.