Portfolios and Clean Up!

See you all tomorrow in studio.  As we’ve told you, portfolios are due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  I’ll defer to your individual professors regarding the composition of the packages, but in general, this exercise is not intended to be an effort in bookmaking as much as an attempt to ask you to organize your own work for your own future use.  Please simply collect your work from this semester in the form of printed 11x17s and turn it in to us so that we can reference it while grading.  Additionally, please do not bind the packages with anything more than a simple binder clip so that we can disassemble them if/as necessary.    After a bit of clean up, the professors will be gathering to review your portfolios and collectively grade your work for the semester.  Your portfolio must be turned in by that time.

Also, the goal tomorrow is to straighten the studio and get rid of the trash.  It doesn’t all have to be done tomorrow, but it could be (hint, hint).   What does have to be done, before next week, is the following:

– all trash out of the studios

– all material, trash or otherwise, off the floor

– all of your equipment and good material either out of the studio, or on top of your desks in a clean and organized manner that is easily transported to your new location come January 9th.  This part is critical.  We don’t want to spend the first day cleaning come January.