studio clean-out

All of the work remaining in Crown Hall should be taken home now.

All of the models in the west studio space should already have been claimed.We will assume any models there now are fine to throw out.

The models exhibited in the east studio should be removed by this coming Friday, 20 May. Unfortunately, we don’t have adequate space for model storage so we can’t insure any work from the Open House exhibit will be saved until August.

Play it safe – collect your work.


…and finally,

I would like to say thank you to all of you for helping make a great year. Given the numbers, it’s an unfortunate reality that I wasn’t (we weren’t) able to work with everyone. And there are some of you I may not even recognize since we sat in different studios. Based on the enthusiastic feedback from the third year faculty, it’s my loss. I was really impressed by the depth and quality of the work that flowed in as we set up for the show. There were a lot of great drawings that we simply didn’t have room for. So again, thank you.

Special thanks to the superb TAs – you guys were invaluable. Graham, Abby, and Elizabeth, I owe you.

I hope all of you  have a safe summer – see some buildings.



models left in studio

We exhibited two tables worth of models in the east studio, but we collected many more models than we could exhibit. As we selected the show items we moved all others to the west studio.Any models that are now in the west studio should be picked up immediately to avoid their being damaged, or worse, as the school starts moving things around for summer session.

And all models that were exhibited can be picked up anytime after 12 noon Tuesday May 10. We’d like to keep them on display through graduation, but they might be safer in your hands over the summer.

Whatever models remain in the east studio beyond graduation will be stored in the east studio, but without any guarantees they will actually survive the break.  Andy and I will pull a few models to keep for the studio archives so if you don’t find a model check with us.

summer study abroad workshops

Just a heads-up that along with our IIT summer study abroad programs, we have been invited to participate in several international workshops. We’ll have the possibility to send students to Venice (one of the best workshops anywhere), Zacatecas Mexico, Chile, Cartegena Columbia, and Barcelona. All of the programs can still take students. Most of them run a week or two so are pretty good values. Some will provide transfer credits at a substantial discount compared to IIT tuition.

Any questions can be sent my way and I can connect you to the faculty organizing each workshop.

End of Year ‘slide’ Show

For the end of year show, we are hoping to put together a slide show of images representing our time together as a studio – as a culture.  Consider this a call for entries.  If any of you have images that you have taken over the course of the year of each other, in studio, in reviews, on field trips, at the ski resort, at our end of semester pizza party last semester or the BBQ this semester, we’d love to see them.  If you would, please email your individual professors the photos you have taken during the year, and please be mindful to not send huge images. Half meg images should be just fine.  Deadline is tomorrow evening.     We’ll assemble the show and you can look for your stuff Friday.  I think it could be great fun.   Thanks.